What JHC does to try and bring safe and fun activities for children

What JHC does to try and bring safe and fun activities for children

As a parent or parent-to-be, when searching for a flat to rent in Johannesburg, you have a few items to check off your list. You may want to consider safety, spaciousness, affordability and whether it is child-friendly. 

Since this is important to you, it's also important to us at JHC. We strive to offer an affordable, community-based neighbourhood that's also a safe environment for your child. Children are the future, and that's why we recognise the importance of child safety. With the crime rate and child safety in South Africa being an ongoing concern, as landlords, we do what we can to ensure their safety. 

This includes fun extramural activities and holiday programmes to keep them busy, in the comfort of their own home. 

To find out more about how we keep the youth safe, and our ways to encourage physical activity, read the article below. 

Playroom facilities

An effective way to get children to become active is by making it fun. This is why we have indoor and outdoor playroom facilities to ensure we keep the little ones busy. Our affordable housing in Johannesburg offers children of residents a playroom facility. 

With COVID-19, it's been important to stay at home and socially distance. And, while staying at home is our current reality, we know that it can be difficult for a child. Thankfully our playroom facilities have been reopened with the lowering of lockdown restrictions, allowing the children in our residences a place where they can have fun and enjoy a change of scenery. 

They can take part in sports and mentally stimulating activities as part of a JHC and Makhulong A Matala (MAM) initiative. Makhulong A Matala (which is a Sesotho term for greener pastures), works to create an environment that feels like home. This initiative encourages a community-based environment that works toward enriching and creating strong bonds among the community members. All our buildings include indoor and outdoor activities to help keep children busy. 

Of course, with the current state that we are in, we have ensured that we follow the correct procedures in ensuring that COVID-19 regulations are met. We also have COVID-19 screening and testing to manage the risk in our buildings. 

Sports activities

We don't only offer affordable flats to rent in Johannesburg, but we also provide fun activities for our tenants. For years now, MAM has been working on adding more exciting activities for children such as our Taffy Cup which is a mini-soccer tournament. 

Keeping kids active at home as well as at school is vital for their development. It helps reduce or prevent health implications, and helps manage their weight, the development of strong muscles and bones, and relieve stress and increase focus. Overall, having a balanced diet and incorporating fitness into every day is ideal for any growing child. We are always trying to find new ways and new activities and indoor exercise games for children on our premises. 

Child-friendly events 

Apart from sports activities, we also have child-friendly events that you and your whole family can attend. For example, we recently had a mini writers’ challenge for Heritage Day. MAM introduced this idea since September is also Literacy month and we found that we have writers in the making on our premises. The mini writers’ challenge required our young tenants from different JHC buildings to write about their experience during the lockdown. 

The children had wonderful stories about how they transitioned into staying home during these times. They also expressed how grateful they were that President Cyril Ramaphosa announced moving the country to Level 1, and how helpful that was for their parents. 

Now that we have moved to level 1, we will be hosting our annual Christmas carols event which first started in 2018 where both parent and child can participate. These indoor activities, and any other events we have planned in the future, are not only ideal for your child but can also be a fun way to bond with them. 

Final thoughts

Making a house a home is more than just having four walls. It’s about finding a place that will be comfortable not only for you but also for your children. The Johannesburg Housing Company is a community-based environment which works tirelessly to ensure that everyone feels safe and at home. 

If you and your family are looking for rooms to rent in Newtown Johannesburg or anywhere else in the area, make sure you contact us. We are always eager to help find you an affordable and safe place for you and your bundle of joy to call home.