JHC has been providing affordable housing for residents in Johannesburg for nearly three decades. With 34 buildings in total, we aim to give people in Johannesburg access to affordable and convenient living without breaking their budget. We understand that living in a buzzing city like this may feel like a lot; however, our homes are placed conveniently to allow you to not only live affordably but to shop and get transport. 

Our homes aren’t just affordable buildings for residents, but we also have playgrounds, activities and sports areas so that children can play too. We have programmes tenants can get involved in to ensure safer, cleaner and greener spaces for all those who live with us. JHC is not just a housing company but a movement that dedicates time to ensuring that those who cannot afford to live in the buzzing and opportunity-filled Joburg, get to do so while building connected communities. We have bachelor, single and double-roomed options, plus communal facilities, so you have the freedom of choice to secure the right home for yourself and your loved ones. We have buildings in Braamfontein, Jeppestown, Newtown, and other suburbs where you can live, shop and commute with ease. 

To become a tenant at one of JHC’s buildings is easy, with our smooth application process and friendly staff ready to assist you. Take a look at our buildings below, take your pick and start applying today.


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