The process 

  1. Log query in the maintenance register located at the security guard house. 
  2. HSV will then visit the unit.
  3. HSV will assess maintenance request to verify if request was described properly e.g.  tap leaking. HSV will verify which one tap it is and if that's the actual problem. Once he confirms he will log it on FM5000 
  4. HSV logs maintenance query on FM5000. and informs tenant whether it’s a JHC cost or Tenant cost.  Wear and tear are usually a JHC Cost.  Damage or vandalism by tenant maintenance will be for tenant cost. 
  5. Maintenance Administrators (Internal Call Centre) will issue a work order to a service provider or Maintenance Technician to attend the maintenance.
  6. Once work has been completed SP or MT will signoff work with HSV
  7.  HSV will inform tenant if account if for them or not.
  8. Work order will be closed by HSV.