Tenant Hardship Cover

What is a Hardship Cover?

Hardship cover is financial support offered to the lease holder and their registered dependents, living in a JHC unit at the time of death. The benefit is available to all JHC tenants and comes at no cost to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who qualifies?

All JHC leaseholders or registered dependents who have lived in our units for more than six months qualify should they pass away due to natural causes. If they pass away due to unnatural causes, such as an accident, there won’t be a waiting period. To submit a claim, your rental account must be up to date.

  1. What is the benefit?

Rental Assistance

  • A benefit that assists with rental support should the registered leaseholder die
  • If the rental assistance is approved, up to R10 000 will be credited to your JHC account to cover your rental and deducted until the R10 000 is finished. However, you will still be responsible for your municipal charges every month.

Funeral Assistance    

  • A benefit that assists with a cash payment of up to R 5000 that is credited into the beneficiary’s bank account. The amount depends on the age of the deceased.
  1. How do l confirm if JHC has my beneficiary nomination form if l am an existing tenant

It is your responsibility to visit the JHC office to verify or update the form linked to your profile.

  1. Are there any criteria for choosing a beneficiary.

It should be someone that you trust and who is likely to take care of your funeral arrangements e.g., the spouse, older children, and parents. The beneficiary nominated doesn’t have to be a JHC tenant. 

  1. Where can l get the forms to update my beneficiary details?

Please collect the form from your Housing Supervisor and submit back to him/her once its completed and signed. The tenant must ensure that they have signed the submission register in your Housing Supervisor’s office as proof of submission.

  1. Is it necessary to register my children?

Very important, irrespective of their age, it is advisable to ensure they are registered. The Tenant Update form is available at the HSVs office.

  1. Which documents are required for the hardship cover claim?

The beneficiary should submit the death certificate, burial order, and the certified documents of the deceased and the beneficiary to the Housing Supervisor.