How young adults can benefit from social housing with the Johannesburg Housing Company

Affordable housing is a challenge that South Africa has been facing for many years. And, it’s even harder for young adults who entered the job market at volatile economic times. The majority of these young adults also have other financial responsibilities such as taking care of families, despite the low-income they earn. This adds to the already existing disadvantages when searching for...Read more


A useful guide to help you decide between renewing your flat lease or moving out

When your lease is coming to an end on your flat, you start to wonder if you should renew the lease or start searching for another flat elsewhere. It’s normal to face this dilemma because life is constantly changing, and so do your circumstances, wants and needs. 

Maybe you’ve experienced a pay cut or lost a job and need to downgrade, or maybe you’ve bagged a new job and need to upgrade. It could...Read more


How to apply for a housing subsidy suitable for your needs

A home is a good investment everyone wishes to successfully achieve.

However, the South African landscape makes it difficult for low-income earners to afford to buy houses in the private market. That’s why your next best option as an earner in the above segment is to look into social housing subsidy for renters through JHC. Find out what a housing subsidy is, how you can benefit from it, and the criteria needed to...Read more


What to do when you’re facing eviction

No one purposely stops paying rent; it’s often a result of financial strains which a tenant is facing. The reality is that renting a flat in South Africa can be very expensive for many South Africans who live paycheck to paycheck and are low-income earners. 

When things get tough, they may sacrifice rental money for other basic necessities. The current coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in many job losses and salary cuts, is a...Read more


Tips to help you resolve a rental dispute with your landlord

Disputes between landlords and tenants are inevitable. 

When they do happen, it can be tricky to know how to resolve them. In most cases, some disputes can be resolved between the landlord and the tenant. For example, if you have a rental argument with your landlord, you can negotiate a solution that works for both of you. 

But some disputes can escalate to a point where you and your landlord cannot find a ...Read more


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