Things new parents need to look out for when apartment hunting

When you have a family, apartment searching incurs bigger responsibilities than simply finding “affordable apartments for rent.” You have to take a few important things into consideration, such as the location of the apartment and the size of the apartment, among other things. 

While finding a new family apartment is not easy, it doesn’t...Read more



Is social housing an option for you?

Social housing is rental accommodation for people who earn between R1500 and R15 000. The SHRA, or Social Housing Regulation Authority, is an entity that falls under the National Department of Human Settlements. SHRA invests in social housing projects and accredited social housing institutions (SHIs) in order to develop sustainable communities.

JHC is a Private Non-Governmental...Read more


The pros of renting a flat in a big city

Most people dream of living in the city for many different reasons, but city living is appealing because of the proximity of everything from shopping malls to theatres. 

People who have busy lifestyles thrive in the bustle of big cities; it energises them to keep going and keep moving. If you’re thinking of renting a flat in the city, you have to consider what you’re signing up for. Typically, you’ll hear from many people that living...Read more


Flat hunting? 6 key things to look at when going to view a rental flat 

Finding a place to rent can be exciting and a relief for a tenant. Whether it’s because you’re finally moving into your own space, away from home. Or, if you’re an experienced tenant who is experiencing unhappiness where you are currently staying. But, with all that enthusiasm, flat viewing is an important step that you need to take seriously. You do not want to move into a flat that will give problems along the...Read more


Is renting a better short-term option for South Africans?

For years, there has always been a debate on whether people should rent or purchase a property. However, the debate on whether you should buy or rent is not black and white. Of course, buying your own property might seem like a better alternative in the long run but, for many South Africans, purchasing a house also has its disadvantages, more so if you aren't financially ready. 

Homeownership comes at a high cost, and...Read more


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