Get prepared and include these hidden costs into your moving budget

The costs of moving from one flat to another can be high, and some of the expenses can go unnoticed until you investigate your bank statement later on. But you don’t want to be caught off guard by expenses you didn’t know you had to budget for. So, it’s best to be prepared from the very moment you decide that you’re ready to move out into a new flat.

To help you with the preparation process, below, we’ll...Read more


How to find the best apartment as a young adult with JHC

So you’ve finally decided that now is the right time to leave the nest? While it can be an exciting journey to start, it can be just as challenging to find the ideal apartment, more so as a young adult. Not only must you consider your budget, but with so many options available, it can also be overwhelming. 

Which is why we thought it would be helpful to have a young adult compile a list of tips that will help other...Read more


Why JHC is the best accommodation option for residents of all ages

Millions of South Africans live paycheque to paycheque. As a result, the majority of citizens cannot afford to buy houses or look for rental homes available in the private market. This is because they tend to be more on the pricey side. And, the costs keep rising, which further disadvantages the working class who are within the mid-to-low-income groups.

In fact,...Read more


JHC’s contribution to the fight against gender-based violence in South Africa

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a crisis that many countries around the world have been grappling with for years. However, in recent times, this issue has intensified by alarming rates in South Africa. 

The gender-based violence statistics for 2020 indicate an increase of violence in South Africa, particularly against women, children and members of the LGBTQ+ communities. According to...Read more


What JHC does to try and bring safe and fun activities for children

As a parent or parent-to-be, when searching for a flat to rent in Johannesburg, you have a few items to check off your list. You may want to consider safety, spaciousness, affordability and whether it is child-friendly. 

Since this is important to you, it's also important to us at JHC. We strive to offer an affordable, community-based neighbourhood that's also a safe environment for your child. Children are...Read more


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