Simple Ways To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Simple Ways To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Your home is a representation of who you are. The flat, house, digs, commune or whatever home you pick to live in is also based on your interests and needs. So, isn’t it fair to decorate it the way you would like? While in a lot of rentals, it is not recommended that you start making permanent renovations, you can get away with a few (or a lot, depending on whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist) temporary decor ideas that’ll have your home feeling like yours. 

Plants Add Life 

If you have not caught onto the plant parenting phenomenon, then it’s time to consider it. Plants are a lovely and lively addition to any home and bring a fresh new feeling daily. You can go for real or artificial plants and liven your home. Check out your local plant nursery for seasonal sales to find some lovely potted or hanging real or artificial plants. 

No New Decor May Be The New Decor

If you love your furniture pieces and have rugs, mats, stands or a coffee table, or even side tables, then you might need to rearrange your space just a little bit and redecorate your home. You can source inspiration from websites and pages that cater for the type of flat or home you have and add a piece or two of a statue to complement the complete look and feel of your house. You can also visit antique stores and look for vintage items that are priced to go. Do not underestimate the gems you can find at these stores. 

DIY Is Always Fun 

We probably should’ve started this article with this piece because who doesn’t love when a DIY project comes together? Consider getting yourself a couple of pallets and building a simple bookshelf. Or maybe collect an old beer crate, give it a paint job and use it as a side table in your bedroom. There are lots and lots of DIY projects for every niche out there; you just have to find what’s more your style and flourish. Plus, DIY is one of the easiest ways to master decorating a rental house on a budget.  

Light… Your Way 

Your lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Plus, a lot of rentals don’t have sufficient lighting based on how they are built. Don’t let this demotivate you, as it gives you an excellent opportunity to make your home feel like your own by choosing your light. Floor lamps tend to make your home feel more spacious and inviting. You can also buy some cute matching table lamps to tie the room together while also adding some much-needed brightness. If you already have lamps, try livening them up by switching out the lampshades for something else. Just these little changes can make you feel right at home. 

Artwork Is Heartwork 

When it comes to making your walls look a little lively, you are spoiled with options. You can choose to invest in a piece of artwork from some of your favourite South African artists or take up a class to make your creation. Some places in Johannesburg, such as ArtJamming, offer painting spaces for people to come and have fun. You can create your own masterpiece to give your home a lively personal look and feel. Remember to use temporary double-sided tape or command clips and avoid drilling holes on the walls. If your rental agency or landlord/lady comes for an inspection when you move out, you may incur charges for drilling holes on their walls, so try to avoid it. 

Choosing Your Haven 

We know the idea of decorating and rearranging your place may have you excited and wanting to view which options you may have when it comes to affordable housing in Johannesburg, and if you know us, then you know we speak that language well. Why not look at some of the flats for young professionals, families, solo rentals, and more? There’s something for everyone at JHC, and our buildings are placed conveniently to give you access to some of your favourite essential stores, public transport ranks, healthcare facilities and more. Come and love where you live with JHC today.