Relocating to JHB? Here's why JHC has the place for you

Relocating to JHB? Here's why JHC has the place for you

Finding a place to stay when you’re moving into a new city can be a challenging experience. This is mainly because you’re unfamiliar with the city, the neighbourhoods, and the going rates for rentals in the area. 

Luckily, a simple online search can give you answers to these questions. A little more research, which includes talking to people from the city you’re moving to, can help you learn more. There are many questions to ask when relocating to a new city. So, as you do your research, consider what you value in the area and the flat you’re looking to live in. For example, are you looking for a quiet neighbourhood that’s close to basic amenities? Are you looking for a spacious one-bedroom or two-bedroom flat in a safe and secure complex? 

Doing this can help you find a home you’ll ultimately be happy with. The last thing you want to do is sign a lease and realise a week after moving in that you’ve picked the wrong place. If the city in question is Johannesburg, you’re in luck; the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) has properties all over the inner city. Having many flats to rent in Johannesburg CBD and surrounding areas makes us the perfect choice for accommodation. We also have so much to offer, so keep reading to learn more about why JHC is the right place for you to live in when you relocate to Jozi. 

Affordable housing solution

The reality is that South Africans live paycheque to paycheque. This is due to the earning rates remaining significantly low while the cost of living keeps increasing. This makes it difficult for many citizens to afford rent in most areas. But that’s why JHC exists. As an affordable housing company, we help mid-to-low income individuals and families looking for affordable rental accommodation in Johannesburg on a budget between R1 500 and R15 000 find homes they will be comfortable living in. 

We have more than 4,513 rental housing units, ranging from bachelor apartments to single room and double-room flats and communal facilities. 

Close to basic amenities

The JHC portfolio is large and spreads across Johannesburg inner-city and surrounding areas, from Berea, Braamfontein, and Cosmo City all the way to Kempton Park. These are some of the best places to live in Johannesburg. Simply search for flats to rent in Kempton Park or any other area you’re looking into, and you’ll find a list of available properties to explore. Whether you’re looking for a flat that’s close to your work office, public transport, schools, shopping centres, police stations, libraries and recreational facilities, we’ve got you covered.  

Clean and safe living environment

At JHC, we put the tenants first. That also speaks to ensuring that our tenants are safe and secure while living in our buildings. This is why our buildings are gated, clean and well maintained. In addition to that, we have programmes to ensure that tenants live in environments that promote healthy living. For example, we have the anti-litter and recycling programme, where tenants voluntarily help cleaners clean the buildings they live in. 

Value-added tenant activities

As we said above, we care for our tenants, and that is why we go above and beyond to ensure that they live happily, healthily and harmoniously. The team at Makhulong A Matala (a seSotho term for greener pastures) ensures that this culture continues. They do this through several value-added tenant activities, including for the children of our tenants.

The activities include tenant induction, which provides new tenants with a full understanding of their roles and responsibilities at the JHC property. Other activities include wellness programmes aimed at encouraging tenants to learn about their health status and learn ways to take control of it. Another activity that is big at JHC is the adult vitality and food garden programme. This programme is a voluntary opportunity, where tenants get to grow their own produce and share it with each other. Lastly, there are also sports activities and playroom facilities for kids where they can play safely.

Final thoughts

Moving to a new city isn’t easy; there’s a lot to consider, such as preparing moving costs. But it also doesn’t need to be too stressful. All it takes is careful research and planning. At JHC, we ensure that you’re able to find the best home to move into in Johannesburg. With us, you will not have to wonder where to live in Johannesburg for too long, as we can easily find your ideal accommodation at any of our properties in the inner city and surrounding areas.