Tenant FAQ - I am a tenant

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Can I change the lease to my co-tenant’s name?

Yes; we call this a change of name. You and the co-tenant must come to the Johannesburg Housing Company head office with the application form and supporting documents. Your deposit will be paid over to the co-tenant’s tenant account.

Do I have to pay for any damages caused by my visitors?

Yes; the situation is handled exactly as if you had caused the damage yourself. As the legal tenant, you are responsible for the behaviour of your visitors.

Should I report vandalism, littering, loitering etc. to the Housing Supervisor or security?

Yes; on no account should you allow irresponsible people to affect the safety or cleanliness of the building you live in. Damaging property is a criminal offence. An individual may be prosecuted, and if convicted, will have a criminal record.

Can I repair my car in the parking bay?

No; other tenants have the right to park their cars in a clean, uncluttered parking area.

Can I rent a parking bay as well?

Yes; you need to complete a separate parking application form, which can be done at the building when you first move into your new flat, or any time thereafter, and you will need to sign a separate lease for the parking bay.

Can I change the door locks without informing the JHC?

No; if you need to change your locks for any reason, you must tell your building manager and the work will be carried out by JHC contractors, at your expense. The JHC needs to be able to access any unit in an emergency.

Can I make alterations or additions to my rental unit?

No alterations of any kind may be made.

Do I have to maintain my unit?

Yes; you should aim to hand back your unit at the end of your tenancy in the same state as you found it when you moved in. You will then get your deposit with interest refunded.

Can I stay in the unit if I’m divorced, separated from the legal tenant, or the legal tenant dies?

No; the person who signed the lease is the legal tenant. In the case of a death or a divorce, the family member remaining in the flat should contact the Johannesburg Housing Company immediately, produce a death or divorce certificate, and sign a new lease agreement in their name. This will be treated as a new application and the new applicant must meet the JHC’s qualifying criteria.

Maintenance Issue Reporting

If there is a repair that needs to be done in your unit, make an entry in the Maintenance Register at Security. Emergency repairs are attended to immediately. The will HSV tell you how and when the repair will be done, and will complete a Task Order. The repair should be completed within 7 working days, unless you are told differently by the HSV. Please make your keys available for the service provider and HSV to access your unit. Once the repair is done and the HSV is happy with the quality of work, he will bring you the Task Order and, if it is your responsibility to pay for the repair, he will tell you how much it costs. You will sign the Task Order when the repair is completed and you are satisfied

Can I change the people who share my unit with me?

Yes; you must complete a change of occupant form. The names of the old occupants who have moved out must be stated on the form and the new ones who have moved in must provide copies of their ID books or passports and a contact number. You are responsible for all the occupants living with you. If they no longer live with you, you are required to inform the building supervisor to disconnect their fingerprint so they do not have access to the building.

Can I sub-let a part of my unit?

No; you can share your unit with another person but you may not move out and leave the flat to someone else as you, the leaseholder, are fully responsible and liable for all charges relating to the property.