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Your responsibility as a JHC tenant.

For JHC to continue providing you with the best service, it is important to note your responsibility in facilitating this process: Pay your rent and utilities on time. Keep the unit at the same standard it was in when you moved in. Live by the rules of the building that call for consideration for neighbours, prevention of overcrowding, and so on. Abide by the municipal by-laws. This means hanging washing in designated areas only, not drinking in public, not trading from your unit (unless the relevant permits have been received) and other such by-laws.

Lease Agreement Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions are contained in your standard Lease Agreement.

Rental Due Date

Rent is the amount that you, the tenant, pay on the 1st of every month for the use of the unit in which you are living. The balance reflected on your monthly statement is the amount you pay on the 1st of every month. This amount includes rent, sewer, refuse, electricity and water.

Banking Details

Please contact Shahida Nabi, Phumi Jali, Tebogo Lebethe, Drucelian Munsamy or Mahlodi Malane at 010 593 0200 to get banking details.

Tenant Induction Manuals

The tenant induction manuals cover important information about leasing, house rules, property management and support and tenant support. It is distributed to existing and new tenants.

As standard practice, tenants are inducted when they take up occupancy at a JHC or JHC managed building. This induction is carried out in a two hour session but this information can sometimes be forgotten afterwards. For convenience, tenants can now consult the manual whenever they are unsure about anything relating to their tenancy at a JHC or JHC managed building.

These booklets are shared with tenants when their lease is signed and it is advised that tenants refer to the relevant booklet prior to calling JHC as most of the information can be found in these induction manuals.

The tenant induction manual for JHC buildings can be downloaded here:

Tenant Initiatives and Campaigns

Find out about all the latest JHC events, partnerships and initiatives.

Details, terms and conditions and closing dates etc.

Tenant Forms

Do you need to give notice for a unit?

Do you need a copy of your lease agreement for your unit, parking space, shop or office?

Do you need to tell us about a maintenance issue?

Do you have questions about your water or electricity accounts?

Do you need a statement of your account?

Do you need to notify us of a death in your family?

Do you need to nominate a beneficiary for funeral assistance?

Do you need to give notice for a parking bay?

Do you need to change to a different parking bay?

Do you need to withdraw notice on a unit?

Do you need to extend notice on a unit?

Other forms you may need.