Makhulong a Matala

In 2003, when the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) was almost a decade old, Makhulong A Matala Community Development Services NPC was set up to turn the JHC’s buildings into more than just houses.

Makhulong A Matala (which means greener pastures in seSotho) – turns houses into homes, buildings into communities and areas into neighbourhoods. We build vibrant places where people can live in safety and comfort; we build meaningful connections to make people love where they live. Social cohesion and community integration is behind everything Makhulong A Matala does. 

Makhulong A Matala works with tenants and in neighbourhoods, with other stakeholders in the city, in the inner city areas where JHC buildings are found. Our tenants see that they can make a difference in their own lives and in their communities. All our programmes are designed with one thing in mind: happy tenants with strong bonds between neighbours.

Our role in the JHC is mainly educational: we teach people the best ways to live respectfully and responsibly in a community environment. We operate in three areas: youth and child development; neighbourhood development; and tenant support services to help tenants to take control of their lives, to recognise their rights and responsibilities, and to participate in the decisions that affect them.

In creating safe buildings, neighbourhoods and affordable flats, Makhulong has built a culture of trust between people. Tenants who are safe and comfortable and who are proud of their homes, stay where they are, keeping the JHC’s buildings fully let by responsible tenants who together create a community.

Makhulong A Matala, in essence, is bringing a village spirit to our buildings, where a community problem is everyone’s to resolve, where people help each other with practical and emotional support, where each person is involved and is important, where people love where they live.

Funding Community Development

Makhulong A Matala is a registered non-profit company and public benefit organisation. This means donors who give funding to Makhulong can deduct the amount they donate from their taxable income.

Youth and children development

Young children with time on their hands and no supervision can get up to mischief. In the spirit of together finding solutions to social issues, Makhulong A Matala has established several programmes to keep the children of JHC tenants happy and occupied when their parents are not around.

Makhulong stories

View video clips of Makulong activities, including a recycling project, a wheelchair handover event and a dance competition.

Neighbourhood development

Our neighbourhood and community programmes were set up to bring Makhulong’s idea of a community to the neighbourhood; we work with other stakeholders in the area to keep the space clean and to contribute to the decrease in crime.

Tenant support services

Makhulong A Matala's goal is to build bonds between neighbours so they love where they live. We help to create sustainable social housing communities where tenants take control of their lives, know their rights and responsibilities, and take part in the decisions that affect them.