About JHC

The Johannesburg Housing Company is a social housing company. Launched in 1995, we strive to tackle housing challenges in cities across the country. Through several partnerships with other stakeholders, including the National Department of Human Settlements and the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements, Johannesburg Housing Company has, since inception, taken numerous innovative paths to regenerate Johannesburg’s inner city and deliver affordable affordable housing in Johannesburg.

Over the past three decades, we have developed more than 4,513 rental housing units and set up homes for more than 13,500 people in the middle to low earning segments. These units range from bachelor apartments to single room and double-room flats, as well as communal facilities. We have pioneered a sustainable model of developing social housing in the inner city and surrounding areas, and we achieved this by building neighbourhoods with qualified building management who put tenants first at all times. 

We have set up homes for more than 13,500 people from the middle to low earning segments. Today, our units have become a home to many families, single parents, young working couples, professionals, blue-collar workers, students and the elderly. 

Everyone with accommodation needs is welcome at Johannesburg Housing Company, as we strive to provide accessible and affordable homes to all South Africans.

JHC Annual Report

JHC Annual Reports can be downloaded on the links below.

Extract from the CEO's Report 2017 - JHC is an established and significant player in the rental market sector of the City of Johannesburg that has achieved significant growth over the last 21 years.

About Johannesburg Housing Company

The Johannesburg Housing Company is a social housing company that has built a new model for affordable homes with better building management and great customer service. We have developed more than 4,513 rental housing units, setting up homes for more than 13,500 people and helping to regenerate Johannesburg’s inner city.


The JHC is a groundbreaking company and we have reached many milestones worth celebrating, from buying our first property to building the first new block of flats in the inner city in three decades.


The JHC actively builds partnerships with other stakeholders and believes that success is only possible when a critical mass of stakeholders with shared concerns and a common interest come together. Over the years, we have set up partnerships with, among others, banks, investment corporations, mining houses, property companies, City Improvement Districts and the City of Johannesburg.

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