Making payments easier for you

We want to make sure that YOU, our valued tenant, have the options that suit you.

  • Internet transfer or cell phone banking 
  • Bank ATM deposits – Please select the correct account name, click here
  • Speed point (card machine) available at the HSVs office. 
  • EasyPay (at Shoprite, Pick n Pay, etc.). *Please use the statement of the unit you are currently living in and only use the easy pay number reflected on your statement. 

Bank charges may apply for certain buildings. Internet transfers and cell phone banking is free from bank charges. 

Please use the correct red reference number found on your statement, just under 'Name of Building' for us to allocate the payment to your rent account. This avoids a 'non-payment' notice and additional admin penalty fee.  

Never make any cash payments to any JHC staff member or representatives. JHC staff members and representatives are not allowed to handle any cash.

Important to note about your statement

  • Your tenant reference number is written in red and is situated at the top right corner of your statement. 
  • Your water charges will only reflect on your second month's statement as it is paid in arrears. For example, you move into your unit on 1 June you will only pay for the water on 1 July.  Please make sure you save for this expense. 
  • At the bottom of your statement is a payment section; you can use this at Standard Bank or any EasyPay outlet. The banking details on there can be used for all internet transfers and direct bank payments. 
  • The amount to pay is the final figure in the right hand column labelled "Total". 
  • If you have paid your previous months statement in full, before the 24th of a month, the "PREVIOUS STATEMENT BALANCE" will show as R0.00. If you have not paid, or short paid, it will reflect a balance.


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