Interested in a side-hustle? Refer a tenant to JHC and you could earn extra cash!

We are giving you, our current tenant, an opportunity to earn extra cash by simply referring a tenant to JHC! Tell your friends and family to move to JHC and you will earn yourself R500 for every referral when they move in. 

By following these two easy steps: 
1.    Download the tenant referral form here
2.    Complete this form and return it, along with the details of your referral in the space provided to [email protected] or your Housing Supervisor.

•    You are eligible for a referral reward only when the new tenant is approved and has moved in.
•    If the referred tenant signs a lease, you will receive a referral fee of R500 cash within 14 business days after the tenant has moved in.
•    A tenant can refer more than one tenant. 
•    If the tenant is referred by more than one person, the first referral claim form received will be the one rewarded.

Contact your HSV or our Call Centre on 010 442 6321

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