Your Guide To Affordable Flats For Rent In Johannesburg CBD

Your Guide To Affordable Flats For Rent In Johannesburg CBD 

The city of Johannesburg is buzzing with opportunities, entertainment, and so much more. Many people live and work in Johannesburg because it offers easy access to affordable, manageable and sustainable city living. But sometimes, coming across such instances as a package is a rare gem. Johannesburg Housing Company has some tips and tricks on what to look for when shopping for the right affordable rented place and top suburbs to consider in Johannesburg based on your taste, interests, budget and lifestyle. 

For The Ones Learning 

If your move to Johannesburg is due to studies and you aren’t set up in your varsity’s dormitory, do not stress. This city caters for those who are looking to have the full student experience on an affordable budget. Take Braamfontein, for instance, which is the home of one of the continent’s top universities, The University of the Witwatersrand. In Braamfontein (popularly dubbed Braam), students can experience the hip and happening Juta Street, which houses The Playground, Kitcheners and Great Dane. These three spots offer different entertainment aesthetics, which also act as safe spaces for many people. There is also Mangrove restaurant, which has a vast yet delicious menu and entertainment events, and Kalashnikov Gallery, which is Braamfontein’s art haven.

Johannesburg Housing Company has a range of affordable flats to rent in Johannesburg, which are strategically and well-placed to afford you easy access to such amenities and more. In short, very close to Braam. Take a look at some of the affordable housing options in our buildings list. 

For The Young Professionals 

If you are a young professional looking to launch their first step into the career world and need to move out, there are areas that are dominated by other professionals and have less of a ‘student buzz’. Consider areas such as Ferndale, Randburg, Paulshof, and even Kempton Park if you are leaning more towards the East side of things. JHC offers affordable housing options at Kempton Park that are great value for money, and our Kempton Park Village building even has a playground for kids. Speaking of playgrounds…

For Families 

If you are looking for something that will cater for you and your family, look no further. Johannesburg central offers city living with some of the perks of communal and community living. Consider Jeppestown, Newtown, Hillbrow and Berea, and even Troyeville, where you can choose from a range of flats in buildings that offer playgrounds, sports fields, braai areas, and picnic areas. At Johannesburg Housing Company, we understand how much pressure buying a house can be and offer simpler and more affordable ways for people to live. So, get in touch with us and find your home. 

What To Look For When Looking 

Many people end up living in spaces they do not like because they did not take the time to research or lack the resources and tools to make informed decisions. Worry not, because you can avoid these mistakes. Let’s take a look at how to with these few steps.

The area: 

You are probably moving because you want to get closer to somewhere – it may be work, school, business, etc., so you want to look for something that is going to make it easier for you to get there. Logistics also play a role. Once you know what area(s) you‘re looking for, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Is this area safe? 
  • Is it convenient for shopping, amenities and logistics? 
  • How are the noise levels in this area? 
  • Am I able to work from home? Is there internet access/coverage? 

These questions will help you with narrowing down which areas to consider based on your interests and lifestyle. Now that you have fewer options, you need to move onto the next step; affordability. Here, you can start by looking at how much accommodation is in the areas you are considering. Once you’ve gotten a sense of it, you make calculations according to your finances and see what you can afford. This is pretty easy, and most people tend to do this even before looking at areas. 

The flat: 

Now comes the hard part – choosing a flat. Here you are given options based on availability, so you get to see a few places before choosing. This is where you will need to check for the basics, and there’s usually a rental agent with information about the flat readily available. Deciphering who damaged what and who takes responsibility for it at a later stage is a common contentious issue faced by most renters and rental agencies, so make sure you know everything about your flat before moving in. 

Don’t forget to also look for a flat based on how you can decorate it. Your flat is going to be your haven. Make sure you let your personality and the personalities of those you’ll be living with come out through lovely and thoughtful decor essentials. Here’s how you can make your rental feel like home without damaging your flat. You can make your flat feel like home in no time. 

The perks and benefits:

What does the building you are considering offer? Are there convenient laundry facilities? Playgrounds for kids? Braai areas? These are some of the questions your rental agent will probably answer before you even ask them, but in case you need to bring them up, remember; every question is a good question. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to manoeuvre your way around finding affordable rental housing in Johannesburg, feel free to look at a few flats to rent in the heart of Johannesburg, courtesy of JHC. Come live where you’ll love.