Why JHC offers the perfect accommodation for newlyweds

Why JHC offers the perfect accommodation for newlyweds

Getting married comes with a whirlwind of different emotions – from feeling overwhelmed and stressed because of wedding planning to finally tying the knot and experiencing the excitement of getting married and starting a new life together with your partner. 

However, after the wedding and honeymoon, this is when married life truly starts. Finding accommodation for newlyweds in South Africa can be tricky as rentals are costly, especially when you reside in big cities like Johannesburg. 

Additionally, many other factors come into play when searching for a place to stay. At JHC, we believe that we offer the perfect accommodation for newlyweds, and we will further discuss why in this article. 

Perfect location

When it comes to finding a place to stay, you always want to find a place in an ideal location. A place closer to shopping malls, in a good school district, near hospitals and recreational parks, close to work, and in a location with a good transportation system. At JHC, we have more than 4,513 rental housing units in the inner city and surrounding areas, making it the ideal location for people who are looking to start their new lives as a married couple. 

Suitable size

As newlyweds searching for a flat to rent in Johannesburg, size may not be the highest on your list of must-haves. But, it’s always vital to factor that in as you aren’t only planning for now, but for your future too – should you wish to start a family at a later stage. And, it makes it easier for you when you have family or friends come over. Our residences aren’t only for newlyweds or singletons; many families, young couples and the elderly have made a home for themselves in our flats, and we want the same thing for you. Our rental flats come in various sizes; bachelor apartments, single room, double-room flats, and communal facilities. So, you’re sure to find a suitable unit for you and your new family. 

Easy on the budget

The cost of living in South Africa continues to increase while salary increments become stagnant. Opting for a flat over buying a home right now in South Africa is highly influenced by the cost of living. As a recently married couple, you also have a lot to take on financially. You have to take care of your new home, and a large majority of South Africans also need to offer financial assistance back home. All these costs can be detrimental to a marriage, so it’s important to find an affordable place to stay and learn how to comfortably live within your means. JHC is an affordable housing company in Johannesburg that was launched in 1995 to help tackle housing challenges in the city. We work tirelessly to ensure we help deliver affordable housing in Johannesburg, making it an ideal place to rent for middle- to low-income earners. 

It’s community-based

As a newlywed who may have relocated to another city or experiencing being away from your family for the first time, it can get lonely when it’s only the two of you. At JHC, we believe in creating a community. This allows you the opportunity to socialise and meet new people who can potentially become good friends. Since we are diverse, you can meet different people who have different experiences and can potentially positively influence you in this next step you’re taking. We also have various initiatives and activities through Makhulong a Matala (MAM) that help enrich lives and create strong bonds that build a happier community. As a first-time home rental, you want it to be a wholesome environment that helps you live happier, which is what we strive for. 

Final thoughts

You’re entering a new, exciting chapter in your life, and it should be in a place that offers you freedom while being an affordable option that can help you and your spouse navigate your new life together. JHC is committed to offering rental properties that are budget-friendly, safe, secure, ideally located and community-based to all potential tenants. Contact us today, and we will help you find the perfect flat for you and your new family.