Why affordable housing positively impacts education in South Africa

Why affordable housing positively impacts education in South Africa

When it comes to educational success, a student needs to live in a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive to learning. At JHC, we know that by offering affordable housing, we are not only tackling the insufficient housing challenges in Johannesburg but also bridging the education gap. 

And, although many may not see the relationship between social housing and education, at Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC), we do. So, let's unpack the benefits that come with our affordable housing on education in South Africa. 

Closer proximity to high-quality schools

Due to South Africa’s history of racial segregation, people were moved to the outskirts of the city. Those areas didn’t have the best schooling infrastructure or even enough teachers to create a conducive environment for learning. 

Now, post-apartheid, the lack of infrastructure has continued to create a never-ending cycle of poverty, as many children struggle to get the opportunity to experience higher education and build a successful career. Moving into our affordable flats will ensure your child (or yourself) has the chance to achieve more, and live in close proximity to the school of your choice. 

Reduces overcrowding in homes

You deserve a quiet environment that enables you to learn, grow and succeed as a student. And being in an overcrowded home can cause disruption. As one of the leading real estate companies that offer affordable housing in South Africa, we can help you live in an area that promotes an environment that fosters childhood development and learning. This also ensures that a child can have space and privacy to grow into themselves, and isn’t in a stressful situation that can hinder their development. 

Less disruption while studying

Whether you are looking for student accommodation in Newtown Johannesburg or social housing for your family, we have you covered. Since we offer affordable social housing in South Africa, students won’t have to worry about needing to move to a pricey apartment or stay on campus. 

Our rent allows flexibility within your budget to ensure that you can afford to live here, while also affording your basic needs and wants. We know that moving from one place to another can cause disruption for children and students in higher education. But living in an affordable home, on a permanent basis can transform lives and shift mindsets to a more positive environment which can lead to better learning.

Reduce homelessness for families

The sad reality is that many South African families have been homeless at least once in their lives because of financial circumstances. Housing may be a basic human right, but it can be expensive for families who are struggling to make ends meet. With JHCs affordable housing in Gauteng, we ensure families have a roof over their heads, and their children don’t experience difficulties with accessing quality schools. 

No one should be homeless, and no child should struggle to get into a good school because of their living conditions. This includes situations where they cannot get their personal records, or not have a place that is conducive to their development. Affordable housing in Johannesburg and other cities plays a vital role in the education system. 

Final thoughts

Education can be a helpful tool in rectifying the ills of the past. But, to do that, children need access to quality education and the need to reside in an environment that supports their goals. 

Whether you are a student looking for off-campus accommodation or a family looking to move closer to good schools, we have the right options for you. Affordable housing is an effective way of supporting education in South Africa. 

So, contact the Johannesburg Housing Company today to find a government housing subsidy in Gauteng that will enable you or your child to have a better academic future. We’re a social housing company that cares, and we’re ready to help you!