What Draws So Many South Africans To Johannesburg?

What Draws So Many South Africans To Johannesburg?

Have you ever wondered what it is about Johannesburg that a lot of people can’t get enough of? Does this city’s aesthetic have you asking yourself how you can fit into the general scheme of things, and are you really familiar with the gems of this city? Well, take this article as your quiz to find out how good you really are at identifying the beautiful treasures that Johannesburg has to offer and find out exactly why people will never stop flocking to this beauty. 

All About The Business

Ever since its discovery in the Gauteng Province, Johannesburg has been known as the city of gold. And because of this, many entrepreneurial opportunities present themselves. Due to the building of Gauteng and Johannesburg as well as other cities in this province, employment has always been abuzz in Johannesburg. Thus the birth of businesses. Think about it this way; many miners and construction workers have always had to catch their public transport in the city centre, and that meant waking up early in the morning. This means most miss breakfast at home, creating a need for more restaurants, coffee shops and stalls that offer an alternative. And the ripple goes on and on. Johannesburg is also known for offering affordable prices for small businesses to stock from with stores at almost every corner. If you are looking for literally anything, the central part of Johannesburg has fashion, technology, household, beauty and more products and services for you to stock up on – either for yourself or for your business. 

Streets Are Always Lit

Johannesburg is not called “the city that never sleeps” and “the city of lights” for nothing. Its beauty is a marvel from sunrise to night time – with the streets of Maboneng, Newtown, Turffontein, Braamfontein, Eastrand and Soweto always lit and alive with a vibe and a buzz. The restaurant and club scene in Johannesburg is also versatile. You can get anything from steakhouses to burger joints, all-day breakfast spots and rooftop bars with amazing views. All you have to do is choose which one you want to go to, and we believe that might be difficult given all these exciting options. 

Activism is quite huge in Johannesburg, with different people striving for and believing in different yet impactful causes. For example; Johannesburg hosts some of the country’s biggest LGBTQIA+ Pride marches and events, significant days such as Women’s Day, Human Rights Day and Nelson Mandela Day are treated with the utmost commemoration through different events and marches, so you are guaranteed to find a community that aligns with all your values in Johannesburg. 

Affordable Visits And Living

You can afford to stay in Johannesburg for a short visit or make this city your forever home. There is lots of affordable housing in Johannesburg for guest accommodation, and flats for those looking to become permanent residents of Johannesburg, with the cost of living in Johannesburg being pretty reasonable. For example, you can get a cup of coffee here from as little as R30, and a burger can start from as little as R50. You can score great accommodation at any part of the city with affordable flats everywhere, from flats in Jeppestown to flats in Newtown and all four corners of Johannesburg. A pro-tip from us would be to go for a place that is going to offer you the most convenience. Whether it’s the need to be close to work or close to amenities, Johannesburg usually has the right flats in the right spots. 

In Closing, Joburg Is Open

The opportunities that exist in Johannesburg are many, and you have options for what you can get, from clothes and household items to business opportunities. However, like every buzzing city, there are considerable amounts of crime and criminal activities, and while there are visible security systems and patrol cars by government and private companies to protect the people of this city, it is still advised that you stay vigilant and aware of your movements at all times. If you are equipped with the right information on this city, then nothing will stand in the way of you conquering it. We wish you luck and can’t wait to have you.