Things new parents need to look out for when apartment hunting

Things new parents need to look out for when apartment hunting

When you have a family, apartment searching incurs bigger responsibilities than simply finding “affordable apartments for rent.” You have to take a few important things into consideration, such as the location of the apartment and the size of the apartment, among other things. 

While finding a new family apartment is not easy, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you dedicate some time to research, you will find exactly what you’re looking for. For example, there are new development flats in Gauteng which are situated in child-friendly neighbourhoods. Any property company in Johannesburg would tell you that this is true.

Before you search “how to find an affordable flat to rent”, you need to be aware that a child-friendly solution starts with knowing what to look out for. In this article, we’ve put together a list of things new parents need to look out for when it comes to apartment living.

Neighbourhood and apartment safety

Safety is an important factor for new parents to consider when apartment hunting. If the neighbourhood is notorious for being unsafe, no parent would want to raise their child there. When you do your research, and you find a flat you like, look for information about the area and see if there aren’t any red flags. The flat itself needs to be safe for your child. There are many safe flat developments for parents available on the market; you just need to ask the right questions to lead you to your perfect apartment.

Local amenities 

Once, you’re satisfied with the safety aspect of your search, find out if the important local amenities are within walking distance or a short drive. This includes schools, medical services, grocery supermarkets or other essential shops, the police station, and specific child-related amenities such as playrooms, parks and recreation facilities. Renting an apartment in JHB CBD, for example, already indicates that you’ll be in close proximity to these amenities. 

Apartment space 

Apartment space doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking for a big flat. But you could be looking for a flat big enough to accommodate the size of your family. If, for example, you have a toddler, you may be comfortable with having one bedroom flat as long as it’s spacious enough for your toddler to take those first steps and play around with their toys. But if you have more than one child, you may want to consider a two-bedroom flat. 

There’s also furniture to consider. Will your furniture fit in the apartment? And will there still be some breathing space for your family to navigate around on a daily basis? In addition, you would consider the level of the apartment and any stairs that could be of danger to your child.

Child-friendly layout

When you view the flat, look out for the layout of the apartment. Consider how you’ll ideally decorate the place and how that will add to the safety of your child. For example, in the kitchen, is the stove easily reachable for your child? Or how you will be able to layout the electric plugs and if they won’t be in the way and potentially cause a tripping or other falling injuries for your child. Overall, think hard about how the flat will look once you’ve moved in and whether your child will be safe once the furniture is laid out.

Outdoor space

While it’s not mandatory for all parents to want an outdoor space for their children, having this option is an added benefit for days when you want to take a walk with your child. It’s also a perfect area to distract your child or keep them busy while you’re cleaning the house. 

Final thoughts

Searching for a child-friendly flat to rent can be tricky, but it can also be a straightforward process if you know exactly what to look out for and what you need. The above factors are of the most critical to consider, and each parent can add more factors suitable to their needs.