The pros of renting a flat in a big city

The pros of renting a flat in a big city

Most people dream of living in the city for many different reasons, but city living is appealing because of the proximity of everything from shopping malls to theatres. 

People who have busy lifestyles thrive in the bustle of big cities; it energises them to keep going and keep moving. If you’re thinking of renting a flat in the city, you have to consider what you’re signing up for. Typically, you’ll hear from many people that living in the city is expensive. But that’s not necessarily true for every city, as flats in Johannesburg are easy on the pocket.

For example, Johannesburg Housing Company has affordable flats to rent that many South Africans, particularly those who are within the mid-earning and low-earning segments, have access to. What this tells you is that there are more advantages to living in the city than you might have been previously led to believe. You simply need to find the right information and from the right sources. 

With that being said, we’ve put together a list of advantages of living in the city that you will find encouraging and helpful in your decision making. 

It’s a cost-effective option

Most people move into the city to be closer to their place of work. If this is the same reason you’re thinking about moving, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a good financial move. In addition to finding an affordable bachelor flat to rent in the city centre, you get to save on transportation costs as well. 

It’s more than likely that everything, including your office, will be within a walkable distance. This means you won’t spend much money on petrol or public transport fare if you don’t already own a car. 

Easy accessibility

As mentioned above, living in the city will provide you with easy access to all necessary amenities such as museums, libraries, sports stadiums and more similar cultural attractions. Transport is also not a problem in the city. If you’re into the night-life, whether this simply refers to attending movie theatres at night or a date night at your favourite restaurant, you’re guaranteed to have transportation to take you home after your activities. 

The cost of the transport is not as hefty as it would be if you live in a suburb that is located a couple of kilometres out of the 30 km radius. 

Career opportunities

Living in the CBD also presents you with plenty of opportunities to climb up the career ladder. This is because you’ll now have the flexibility to stay late after knock-off time, which puts you in the right position to connect with your colleagues and managers. When you’re not focused on catching the last train or taxi home, you have more time to put in the extra hours. These efforts will not go unnoticed, and at some point, you will be rewarded for them. 

You’ll also get a chance to attend after-work events with your colleagues and bosses, who will get to know you on the personal front. They will pick up character traits that you don’t normally present in the office. These traits could put you in the running for better career opportunities.  

You’re also presented with more networking opportunities with industry professionals and peers who will learn more about your knowledge and skills. These are people who will keep you in mind when a promotion or a new position opens up at their place of employment. 

Big city living brings opportunities

As you can see, living in the city can bring you opportunities that you might not have access to if you lived outside the city. If you’re planning to move to the city, make sure that you do thorough research on rental guidelines to get a full picture of what’s expected of you. You can find a lot of tips for renting a new flat online. 

After all of that, you can start your search. Contact Johannesburg Housing Company to discuss renting opportunities at one of our affordable city life apartments.