The housing challenges South Africans are facing

The housing challenges South Africans are facing

Housing is a fundamental human right, and everyone deserves to have a roof over their heads. However, it is a sad reality that many families in South Africa, particularly middle to low-income areas or single-family homes, struggle to afford this necessity. According to this article, the Department of Human Settlement has an estimated backlog of 2 million houses. While this number is already so high, there is an average of six people per family, which then leaves about 12 million people in need of housing. 

This is an alarming number of people and continues to put people at a disadvantage. Housing plays a huge role in someone's life. Healthy homes promote mental wellness and physical health, and it also plays a huge role in childhood development and education

This article will discuss the current challenges and what causes these housing problems in South Africa. 

High housing demand

As mentioned above, there is already a backlog in housing, which is one of the biggest problems we face. Many South Africans need proper housing but instead, find themselves living in unhealthy circumstances and informal settlements. On top of the backlog, urban areas are under severe strain due to rapid urbanisation. 

As the years go by, more people are moving to urban areas to look for a better life with more fruitful opportunities. This fact has caused more strain on an already strained system with a backlog of 2 million houses to build. Housing delivery challenges are one of the biggest issues in South Africa. 

Cost of living

The cost of living in South Africa continues to be a problem, especially with the recent pandemic. More people have lost their jobs, and families are finding it hard to survive. But, the cost of living doesn’t only affect what people are going to eat, but where they live. 

Our economy plays a major role in the housing crisis in South Africa. While the cost of living and food prices soar, salaries are still stagnant. This becomes a problem as many people are not in the financial position to purchase a house. When you look at the cost of owning a house, particularly in big cities like Johannesburg, it is out of reach for many middle to low-income earners. Most people then opt for a flat rental; however, with the latest pandemic and financial strain, this has led people to either move back home or people never being able to better their lives and leave an informal settlement. This is why we feel strongly about tackling housing challenges and ensuring that we offer affordable flats in Johannesburg for middle to low-income earners because we understand the importance of affordable housing and the benefits it can bring to families. 

How does JHC help?

While the housing challenges faced in South Africa are widespread, we strive to tackle housing challenges within the city. The Johannesburg Housing Company works with several partnerships and stakeholders to help deliver affordable housing for people residing in Johannesburg. Our property is within the inner city, making it a solution to the housing shortages faced within the country. We offer affordable flats in Newtown Johannesburg and other areas. With the help of the National Department of Human Settlements and the Gauteng Department of Human Settlement, we have been able to develop more rental housing units for middle to low-income families, single parents, young couples, professionals, students and the elderly. 

Final thoughts

At JHC, we are passionate about doing our part to help within the country and trying our best to help in any way possible. While South Africa still has a long way to go with its housing challenges, we believe that we, our stakeholders and partnerships, are working to better the lives of South Africans. So, if you or a family member is looking for an affordable housing solution that can afford you better opportunities within Johannesburg, contact us today. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have for us. You can also browse our website as we have a news page that can give you additional information you may need before joining JHC.