Renting 101: What it means to be a model tenant

Renting 101: What it means to be a model tenant

As our potential tenant who may be moving into their first rented home, it’s always good for you to know what it takes to be a great tenant. Being the ideal tenant creates a harmony that will ensure you have a pleasant stay with us. 

And while it is our responsibility as your landlord to ensure you are happy with your stay here at JHC, you also need to be accountable. Below are tips for renting an apartment here at JHC, and how you can win over our landlords and ensure your stay with us is pleasant for everyone involved. 

Know what you’re looking for

While we are always eager to help our tenants, knowing your wants and needs when apartment hunting is essential. It helps us narrow down the search to find you the right place to stay, and it helps show us you have serious intentions of finding your new home. 

Have a good credit score

A good credit score isn’t only helpful when seeking financing from a lender. It helps landlords and real estate agents see whether you are trustworthy, and what kind of payer you are. When you have rental apartments, you need to find reliable tenants. Ones that you know will meet their monthly rent on time every month. Since we have no prior knowledge of the type of person you are, doing a credit check will help us get an idea of how you handle your financial obligations and whether you’ll be able to stick to the terms of your lease agreement. 

Understand how deposits work

When it comes to the security deposit, there is usually a lot of confusion. Many tenants don’t know how to get their rental deposit back, and what could potentially prevent them from getting it back should they wish to leave. In short, the security deposit is a safety measure put in place by the landlord should you the tenant violate the terms of the agreement. That can vary from damage to property or missing payments. According to the deposit utilisation agreement, the landlord gets to keep the deposit and can use it for payments towards repairs or rental payments of the leased apartment. So, to ensure you’re able to receive your deposit, make sure you follow your lease agreement rules and regulations. 

Be part of the process

We want our potential tenants to know exactly what they want. But, more importantly, we want them to be with us during the lease process. Fire away with questions you have been meaning to ask or anything that you’re unsure about, like the rules and regulations of living in one of our residences. Or any additional costs that you will need to budget for. This ensures that we are all on the same page and can discuss any potential issues and red flags. As landlords, we appreciate tenants who are curious and eager to know everything about what we offer. We already have tons of initiatives that we cannot wait to tell you all about. 

Make your rent payments on time

A sign of a good tenant is one who always makes their payments on time. Above all else, this will ensure a happy relationship between us and you, the tenant. Having to follow up on rent payments can strain the relationship between the landlord and tenants. Landlords have their financial obligations and are dependent on your rent to take care of their loved ones. So, always make your payments on time and communicate with them beforehand if there is an issue. Effective communication will build trust, respect and compassion, which is helpful for any rental relationship.

Take good care of the property

While it is our responsibility to ensure the property is well maintained, the onus also falls on you to ensure everything is taken care of. If you see any issues or wears and tears, be sure to contact your landlord and have them know what is happening. This will ensure proper maintenance is done and you can live happily. At JHC, we always encourage happy and healthy living among our tenants. So, don’t be afraid to speak to us about an issue. Remember to be considerate to your neighbours as they will be part of your community, and being nice to them helps create a peaceful environment. 

Final thoughts

Being a model tenant to your landlord and neighbours is an effective way of ensuring that you stay with us, and anywhere else in the future, is pleasant. Your place of residence should be where you feel at home, most comfortable and at peace. We know that, should you follow our house renting tips for the tenant, you will become our landlords’ dream tenant. Now that the formalities are out of the way, contact JHC now to find the perfect apartment for you.