How you can find affordable off-campus accommodation in JHB

How you can find affordable off-campus accommodation in JHB

When you finally matriculate, you enter a new chapter in your life where you get to choose. Will you relocate to cities like Johannesburg to study for your chosen career? Or will you stay in the city but choose to move out of your family home so that you can experience the independence that comes with tertiary education? While you may want to experience this independence, you realise that the cost of it all may be too high. This is more so the case when you move into on-campus accommodation. Living off-campus is a much more affordable option. However, to stretch your Rand, there are a few things you need to consider. To learn how you can find affordable accommodation off-campus and what to consider, continue reading below. 

Know your budget

Before anything else, you need to know your budget and have your finances in order. The size of your flat and where it’s located will be dependent on how much rent you can afford to pay. Whether you’re getting financial assistance from your parents, bursary, or work, you should always find a place to rent that doesn’t take up too much of your budget and allows you to have money left for other necessities. While we offer affordable student accommodation in Johannesburg, you will still be vetted to see if you can afford our units. When considering your budget, be sure to consider the hidden cost of moving so that you can create a realistic plan and know what to expect. 

Consider sharing

While you may want the privacy of your own space, financially, that may not be a good idea yet. While living off-campus in college is an affordable option for most, it will still be pricey if you choose to rent on your own. At JHC, our units come in various sizes, such as bachelor apartments, single rooms, double-room flats, three-bedrooms, and communal facilities. If you are trying to cut down on costs, it will be ideal for you to either find a roommate to share a double-room flat or consider our communal facilities. That way, you still have your own space, but you don’t have to cover the cost alone. We have a range of affordable student accommodation in Newtown Johannesburg, which is close to universities that will ensure you can still experience campus life but on a budget. 

Understand the term “convenience cost”

While you may try to find student accommodation in Johannesburg near UJ or any other university and college, you need to realise that it may not be the most affordable option. Landlords know this is what students are looking for, and there is a high chance the price will increase because of it. This is “convenience cost” in a nutshell. It may be best for you to find a place at one of our flats to rent in Johannesburg CBD. While it may not be close to your campus, it’s an affordable option, and our units are located in areas where public transport is easily accessible. That way, you still get to cut costs. 

Opt for unfurnished places

A huge perk when living on-campus is that your place is fully furnished, or at most, you may have to purchase a few items. While this makes it easier for you as a student because you won’t have to purchase any furniture, the cost of a fully furnished place may be out of your price range. It is ideal for you to find unfurnished, off-campus accommodation in Johannesburg to lower rental costs. And, while it may be an inconvenience, you can still slowly make your place a home at your own pace. 

Final thoughts

You are venturing into a new phase in your life that is exciting yet overwhelming as you are stuck between still being a child under your parents’ supervision and being an adult who can live on their own. It’s important that you are savvy so you can save money and truly enjoy your college experience. We hope that we have given you informative tips on finding flats to rent in Kempton park and other areas in JHB. We also hope that you contact us soon to help you find affordable housing in Johannesburg that is easy on the pocket, close to campus and gives you a community that can help you when you need it. That is what we at JHC always strive to do.