How to find the best apartment as a young adult with JHC

How to find the best apartment as a young adult with JHC

So you’ve finally decided that now is the right time to leave the nest? While it can be an exciting journey to start, it can be just as challenging to find the ideal apartment, more so as a young adult. Not only must you consider your budget, but with so many options available, it can also be overwhelming. 

Which is why we thought it would be helpful to have a young adult compile a list of tips that will help other young adults find the ideal flat near them. Continue reading below to get the lowdown on how to rent an apartment. 

Determine your affordability

While we do offer affordable housing in Gauteng, it’s important to know your budget and how much you can afford before making a decision or contacting us. Your rent and monthly expenses should never take up your entire salary. Instead, it should be a percentage you’re comfortable with, and that will allow you to still take care of your other needs, be it family or yourself. 

So, make sure you create a budget and list down your expenses and see how much you have left that can go towards the flat you’ll be renting. Make sure you keep in mind that you will still need to pay for electricity, water, groceries, utilities and other social activities. 

Consider the location

An important apartment hunting tip is to find a place that offers you convenience. Is it walking distance to the places you need, such as your college, work, malls, public transportation or even your family? You want to find a place that makes your life easier and ensures you travel around with ease. 

Our buildings are situated in the inner city and surrounding areas of Johannesburg, making it easy for you to travel to and from any destination, while also ensuring you're around the city and close to wherever you need to go. 

Think of your needs

Another tip for renting an apartment is finding one that fulfils your needs as well as your budget. Are you looking for a family-oriented rental community, close to the shopping centre or close to the gym? You need to be in an area that allows you to do everything you need with ease. For example, at one of our apartment buildings; Smitshof Mansions building, we recently launched the Smitshof Youth Patio. 

The patio was created for the youth who are currently staying there as a safe space where they can freely hang out amongst themselves, and also have recreational activities available to help keep them busy. Those activities include a pool table, darts, as well as a gym area where they can work out. We also have additional Makhulong a Matala (MAM) activities for young professionals living at JHC properties. Focusing on finding a place that accommodates both your wants and needs will ensure a happier stay. 

Evaluate the space

While we are eager for you to join our community, we also encourage our potential tenants to evaluate an apartment before moving in. Come into our buildings and see for yourself whether or not it’s what you’re looking for. Make sure you have a list of the things you need before coming so that you can keep track during the viewing. 

We have a range of flat sizes from bachelors, one-bedrooms as well as shared facilities. When you evaluate the building, make sure you have a list of questions. Our landlords are always happy to answer any questions you may have. For example, these are the types of questions you can ask;

  • Ask for clarification regarding rent, deposit and additional expenses.
  • How soon is occupation?
  • How many people are interested in the flat?
  • What's the application process and will credit checks be done?
  • Who's their ideal tenant? 
  • What are the rules of the building?
  • What's the process for visitors?
  • What is the process of the lease agreement, such as the duration and the fees for early lease termination?

Once you’re happy with the layout of the flat, location, additional features as well as what is expected of you as a tenant and what you can expect from your landlord, you can move to the next step of signing a lease agreement. 

Final thoughts

As someone who has never been in search of a flat to rent, we hope that this apartment hunting guide has given you more clarity and peace of mind when it comes to looking for a place to stay. If you’re in Johannesburg or planning on moving to Gauteng for school or work, be sure to contact us at JHC. 

We will help you find an apartment that’s suitable for you and your needs while ensuring you don’t break the bank. We have a range of affordable flats to rent from student accommodation to family-oriented buildings. Reaching out to us will also help you narrow down your search and have an idea of exactly what you need. Contact JHC today, and start your apartment hunting!