How to find safe and affordable housing for seniors in Johannesburg

How to find safe and affordable housing for seniors in Johannesburg 

Finding safe and affordable housing for independent seniors in South Africa, or the wiser generation as we like to call it, is a challenge that needs urgent and proactive solutions. 

Fortunately, there are some housing options available for lower-income to middle-income elderly earners. And the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) is an example of such an option. While our rental units are not specifically tailored for the elderly, we do offer affordable social housing in quality neighbourhoods that are conducive to the lifestyles of senior citizens. We strive to always cultivate a positive living environment, where building a community is achieved through shared interests. 

If you’re searching for affordable housing for seniors near you, rooms to rent for elderly or specifically, rentals for pensioners, keep reading below. You’ll learn more about how JHC can help you find a suitable home for you or an elderly member in your family. 

Affordability is our priority 

As a social housing company, we specialise in catering to earners with the affordability of R1 500 to R15 000. Fortunately, we understand how hard it is to find secure and good-quality apartments for seniors around this income or affordability region. Especially considering that there are still other responsibilities such as repairs, maintenance, food and more.  

A focused approach on the wiser generation

It’s difficult to get senior citizen flats to rent, particularly where their needs will be met. And, this is why we have a focused approach on the elderly. We offer more than suitable homes through a social housing development setup. We also have several activities, which we consistently switch up to tailor the needs of the elderly living in our properties. 

We do these activities to encourage the wiser generation to form close friendships and build tight-knit community relationships. We also encourage them to do things that bring them joy and participate in activities and events that better their lives. We often get a local Medicure NPO to visit our properties to do health checks as well as screening tests such as high blood pressure and recently, coronavirus (COVID-19) screening tests. 

We do gym sessions, designed to get the wiser generation moving to maintain healthy lives. We also do workshops aimed at educating, informing and entertaining the seniors. These are typically followed by lunches and socialising opportunities. 

And, due to coronavirus, we’ve put together gift packs filled with basic personal protective equipment, such as masks, sanitisers and shields, which was distributed to this group of tenants. Lastly, we also provide food parcels to families who face financial challenges because of the lockdown rules that were put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

All of this is made possible by the Makhulong a Matala community development services (which means greener pastures in Sesotho). This is a body which was established by the Johannesburg Housing company set up to turn the JHC’s buildings into more than just housing developments in Gauteng. They are in charge of engaging with the elderly tenants about their needs and use this information to develop better livable conditions. 

Final thoughts 

Housing is expensive in South Africa, which leaves senior citizens with no option but to spend their money on rent. And, many depend on their pension funds to pay for living expenses. This makes it hard for them to find affordable housing and take care of themselves. 

However, as leading the housing agency in Johannesburg, we have new affordable housing for seniors in good neighbourhoods. So, contact us today to discuss more on qualifying low-income senior housing. We’ll help you find a suitable home for you or your elderly member of your family.