How to apply for a housing subsidy suitable for your needs

How to apply for a housing subsidy suitable for your needs

A home is a good investment everyone wishes to successfully achieve.

However, the South African landscape makes it difficult for low-income earners to afford to buy houses in the private market. That’s why your next best option as an earner in the above segment is to look into social housing subsidy for renters through JHC. Find out what a housing subsidy is, how you can benefit from it, and the criteria needed to qualify. 

What is a housing subsidy?

A housing subsidy is a government-sponsored assistance scheme, which is aimed at assisting low-income individuals who are looking to buy a house for the first time. 

There are different types of housing subsidies; the government subsidy housing, government employees housing scheme, community residential units, social housing and more. The allocation for these types of low-cost housing in South Africa depends on many factors, detailed according to the subsidy type listed on the Department of Human Settlement website.

What are the benefits of social housing

The benefits of social housing are many and include the ability to be closer to places of work, public transportation, basic and social amenities. So, if you’re a low-income earner searching for accommodation in Johannesburg CBD, you can get in touch with us to discuss your options. As a leading property company in Johannesburg, we’re well-equipped to help you find a home you can be happy with. 

The requirements for applying for a housing subsidy

To apply for a government housing subsidy, you have to be registered on the municipal housing demand database, or national housing needs register and have the proof of such registration. But before you rush to fill in the housing subsidy application form, you also have to meet the following criteria: 

  • You must have a household income between R1500 – R15000.
  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • Have a clean credit record.
  • Be a South African citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be married or single, with or without dependents. 
  • Be competent to contract. 
  • Be able to pay the required monthly rental.

Final thoughts

As a low-income earner, you can have access to housing through a number of housing subsidy options. You have options to choose from according to your financial capacity and needs. Johannesburg Housing Company is able to help tenants wanting to apply for the social housing subsidy.