How JHC encourages healthy housing and healthy living

How JHC encourages healthy housing and healthy living

Living in healthy housing is important for everyone, whether you own or rent a home. There are a number of factors that make a healthy home. These include cleanliness, pest control, adequate ventilation, consistent maintenance and safety.  

However, due to the economic conditions in South Africa, the majority of citizens are low-income earners. As a result, many families are exposed to harmful housing, which significantly impacts their living conditions and quality of life. 

The effects of poor housing on health

Living in a home that has poor ventilation, pest infestation, damp, dry, structural failure, electrical hazards, or insufficient access to basic services such as electricity and water can affect the well-being of the occupants. Not only does it risk infections, chronic conditions and physical injury, but also their mental and emotional health. 

How JHC ensures healthy housing for tenants

It’s simply not enough to provide affordable housing if it’s not conducive to safe and healthy living standards for people of all ages. This is why, as one of the leading property companies in Gauteng, we offer affordable social housing that meets the highest standards of health and safety. Our properties are safe, clean, and well-maintained. 

We have programmes aimed at ensuring that tenants live in environments that promote healthy living. One example is the anti-litter and recycling programme, where tenants voluntarily help cleaners to clean the buildings in which they live. The tenants also keep each other accountable for any behaviour that risks safety and health. 

At the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC), we understand that affordable housing’s impact can be positive in that it can alleviate crowding and promote stability, as well as improve physical and mental health. As a Johannesburg social housing company, we also believe that social housing and health need to be explored through a mutually beneficial approach. That way, tenants’ well-being is considered and prioritised.

JHC puts tenants’ health first

In addition to ensuring that the buildings and the environment tenants live in are safe, we also have health and fitness programmes that we run from time to time. These programmes include adult vitality, quadcare and gym pop-ups. 

They are all aimed at ensuring that tenants have opportunities to be screened for any relevant health issues. And, also that tenants have access to fitness activities, which helps them fight sedentary behaviours by moving around and participating in events that will be beneficial to their health. At JHC, we care about making a difference in our tenants’ lives and the community at large.

Final thoughts

Housing has a significant impact on people’s health and overall well-being. This makes it essential for the housing sector to provide quality and healthy public housing. However, South Africans from the low-income to mid-income earning segments are often disadvantaged and struggle to access safe housing that they can afford. 

This is why our organisation is specifically built around offering an affordable accommodation solution that meets the needs of individuals in these earning groups. So, if you’re searching for a social Jozi housing solution that won’t dig too deep into your pockets but also prioritises your well-being, contact us here at JHC. We have several properties in vibrant city centres, where everything you need is in close proximity. Reach out to us today!