How JHC Develops Neighbourhoods, Not Just Buildings

How JHC Develops Neighbourhoods, Not Just Buildings

Great communities aren’t only built on great infrastructure. What good are great buildings if they do not house the best communities? Plus, there’s a saying, “when giants fight, it is the ground that suffers”, so community is paramount. In this article, we will take a look at how communal living plays an important role, especially during these trying times, our contribution to great communal living, and how you can benefit from living at one of our flats.   

Love From A Social Distance

The Covid-19 pandemic may have caused us to spend more time at home, but nothing could prepare us for the adjustments that shift came with. It started being evident that not only are people having a tough time adjusting to the new normal, but they are also missing their loved ones and spending time with them. When lockdown levels were harder, we at JHC realised our community is all we have. Not only did we promote considerate communal living, but we also started hosting events and initiatives to help our residents live better together. Our Makhulong A Matala Community Development Services offer tenants great communal living benefits such as: 

  • Funding community development
  • Youth and children development
  • Neighbourhood development 
  • Tenant support services 

At JHC, we understand the rules of social distancing and have not only installed sanitising stations around all our buildings and playgrounds, but we were also able to host events where we still applied the lockdown protocols. Our community has been building ever since due to the fact that communal living is also an affordable way to live in the city. 

Everything You Need And Want

City living is famous for offering residents the convenience of living next to accessible amenities. At JHC, we have built our flats and amenities near areas we know our communities want, need and use. Not only do we bring affordable housing to Johannesburg, but we also place our residents in the sort of places that will offer them all their essentials, especially affordable ones. In the inner city, most of our residents in our buildings are spoiled to local businesses that offer daily essentials at affordable rates. Plus, services such as laundry, salon, childminding and more are available at their doorsteps. This is just another way we are ensuring city living becomes a breeze for you. 

Safety And Security Is Essential To Us Too

We understand that navigating the famous yet notorious streets of Johannesburg can be a bit frightening, with some of the infamous crime spots being in the city. However, Johannesburg residents, business owners and the people at large are constantly finding ways to protect the residents of the city’s building. Basic essentials such as security exist in all our buildings, and thanks to some public and private sector companies, a lot of the streets of Johannesburg have security guards or police patrol cars. Collaborative ideas such as these are what makes Johannesburg a progressive city. There are also Community Policing Forum programs in the city that have community members join in patrolling, especially at areas like Braamfontein, Newtown, and Hillbrow, as they boast a lot of culture, entertainment and business opportunities. If you live a safe distance from one of the city’s famous malls, Newtown Junction, then Heritage View and Brickfield flats are your best bet. Plus, along Bree and Rahima Moosa streets lie the beautiful artistic Market Theatre as well as other attractions such as the South African Breweries, both having security services that make it a bit safer to walk around. 

In Closing, Come Benefit From Communal Living

If you are on the hunt for the kind of living setup that offers you and your family everything you need, then the Johannesburg Housing Company has a range of affordable flats in places where you will benefit from us and your neighbours at all times. Come enjoy the benefits of communal living and resident wellness strategies designed to give YOU the best experience. Let’s get you loving where you’re living.