How JHC Buildings Encourage Childhood Development

How JHC Buildings Encourage Childhood Development 

All aspects and areas of life benefit from community involvement in a major way, from the workforce to schools, businesses, towns, municipalities and more. But one of the most pivotal areas that benefit or suffer depending on community involvement (or the lack thereof) is childhood development. In this article, we will take a closer look at why community is important in childhood development and how JHC is helping push this narrative forward. It does take a village, after all. 

Creating A Community 

One of the first and most important steps in ensuring that childhood development is well-executed is to create a community where children will be catered for across the board. Remember, children grow physically, mentally and emotionally just like the rest of us, and their surroundings help shape the adults and people they become. We at Johannesburg Housing Company often offer tenants access to live in buildings with playgrounds and facilities for kids to enjoy. This creates an opportunity for families to gravitate towards some of our buildings, which means like-minded people get to form their own communities with values and beliefs that align and benefit the development of all their children. It is important to raise your child or children in the areas and communities whose values align with yours and your family’s. This will make the growing stages for your kid(s) a bit smoother. 

A safe community is also important to the development of children, so invest in living in spaces where there is visible and agile security. While we should not scare children by having soldiers walking around with weapons, it is important and puts residents at ease to have security services on-site or at a safe distance. 

Building Relationships In These Communities 

As children develop and grow, they will form relationships with you, the family and those they live around. A safe and secure environment offers children freedom to choose who to form relationships with, and there are like-minded children around them, so the chances of friendships forming are high. Encourage your children to pursue friendships with their peers in order to build their character and form lasting bonds. This will help in their emotional development as well as them figuring out and morphing into their own personalities too. 

Education Is Always Elevation 

While playgrounds may be fun, it is also equally important to make education fun too. As community members, invest in creating fun yet educational events, games, spaces and activities for children to engage in and stimulate their brains. Intellectual development in children helps them decide which careers to follow at a later stage and opens them up to a whole new world of imagination, dreaming, living and career pursuits. 

Offering Greener Pastures 

At JHC, we set up Makhulong-A-Matala Community Development Services to turn our buildings into more than just houses. Our role in the JHC is mainly educational: we teach people the best ways to live respectfully and responsibly in a community environment. We operate in three areas: youth and childhood development, neighbourhood development, and tenant support services to help tenants to take control of their lives, recognise their rights and responsibilities, and to participate in the decisions that affect them. This helps us create better environments for the development of young hearts and minds

In creating safe buildings, neighbourhoods and affordable flats, Makhulong-A-Matala has built a culture of trust between people. Tenants who are safe and comfortable and who are proud of their homes stay where they are, keeping the JHC’s buildings fully let by responsible tenants who together create a community. 

Final Thoughts

Thinking about your child(ren)’s future can be stressful; let their development be covered with community living that aligns with your values. View affordable housing in Johannesburg courtesy of JHC and come live where you and your child(ren) will love.