How JHC and Makhulong a Matala are making a difference in the community

How JHC and Makhulong a Matala are making a difference in the community

Giving back is beneficial in many ways, for both the giver and the recipient. It’s an act that enriches the lives of others. It creates strong bonds and builds happier communities. 

We all live busy lives, and sometimes, it can be challenging to consider the next person. But when you work with people, you’re constantly encouraged to look outward. When you do that, you become aware of the opportunities to help others. And, that’s what the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) does.

JHC is more than just a Johannesburg property company which offers affordable flats to rent. We are a company who cares for every single person living in our properties, and because of this, Makhulong A Matala (MAM) was established to live our purpose.

If you read on below, you’ll learn more about what Makhulong A Matala is and how communities working together can be possible through shared interests and common goals.

Understanding what Makhulong A Matala is

Makhulong A Matala (which is a seSotho term for greener pastures), turns houses into homes, buildings into communities and areas into neighbourhoods. They are established as an entity which focuses on social cohesion and community integration. 

For the past 17 years, we’ve learnt how to develop a community. We have implemented programmes which prioritise building meaningful connections with the tenants. We also provide tenant support services to help the tenants take control of their lives. 

By doing so, we’re giving them the opportunity to recognise their rights and responsibilities, and to participate in the decisions that affect them. The end goal is to build a culture of trust between landlords and tenants as well as ensure that each JHC property becomes a low-income housing solution that every tenant can live in safely and comfortably.

How we make a difference in our communities

The reality is that affordable flats to rent in South Africa are challenging to find, especially for lower to mid-income earners. It’s even more challenging to find a place to live in, where your well-being, as a tenant, is prioritised. 

That’s why JHC and MAM work together to make a difference in the lives of the people in our communities. Our programmes are also designed to cultivate happy tenants who are able to create strong bonds with each other.

We have a tenant induction project, which takes new tenants through their roles and responsibilities at JHC’s properties. Through the induction, the new tenants also learn about the landlord’s roles and what they can expect from the property they are interested in moving into. Additionally, we have an ongoing crisis intervention support, which is tailored to assist building managers and tenants come to mutual solutions. 

We also drive projects such as anti-litter and recycling campaigns, where tenants are taught how to maintain a clean living environment. The health programmes are tailored to all individuals who are interested in taking better care of themselves and receiving support that allows them to do so. 

Of late, our health programmes have specifically included screening tests for high blood pressure and coronavirus to ensure that each tenant gets all of the health assistance they need. And, occasionally set up gym stations to encourage the tenants to be active and moving to boost their physical and mental health.

There are also adult vitality and food garden programmes, which are a voluntary opportunity for tenants to grow their own produce and share it with each other. This has been especially helpful throughout the lockdown period, as many of our tenants experienced financial shifts due to coronavirus. The tenants were able to receive food parcels, with the inclusion of the food items from these community gardens. 

Final thoughts

As a property company which specialises in social housing, we care about making a difference in our communities. The above-mentioned programmes are a testament to our passion and ability to change lives. 

So, if you’re looking for flats to rent in Johannesburg CBD, look no further than JHC. We take care of your accommodation needs and put your well-being first. Take the leap and contact us today to discuss your options.