Getting To Know The City: March Into Marshalltown History

Getting To Know The City: March Into Marshalltown History

Marshalltown is one of those places that you wish could talk. The city is rich in history and is home to some of the most respectable and historic buildings and sites. Located in what people may call the heart of Johannesburg, and as a not-so-large area, Marshalltown is becoming a financial and business pulse for the main part of the city as it also boasts big shopping centres, is near factories, and is a stone-throw away from the bubbling racecourse Turffontein. Let’s take a look at where Marshalltown comes from, how to move around the area, attractions, and what living in the city feels like. 


So, where is Marshalltown located? 

Marshalltown is in the heart of Johannesburg’s CBD. Just a short distance from Turffontein and Newtown, this area is famous for being the shopping centre and business district. 

Gandhi And Other Monuments

Marshalltown is home to the famous Gandhi Square plaza and bus terminus. Named after freedom fighter, anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist Mahatma Gandhi, this is one of Marshalltown’s main attractions for nearby essential shopping as it offers people convenient shopping from their favourite stores. In Marshalltown and surrounding areas in Johannesburg, it is common to have buildings, streets and places of interest named after the apartheid era’s freedom fighters, and that is what makes the area rich in history. Here you will learn about the history of every statue, building and street you come across because that’s the pride and joy of Marshalltown. 

The Gandhi Square area is like the business district of the city as a whole, boasting other shopping centres such as Mathomo mall, Joburg Mall, Park Central Mall and more nearby. You are never without a place to get daily essentials and food in Marshalltown, and the fashion side of things is nothing short of amazing either. 

Localised Luxury Dressing

The people of Marshalltown pride themselves in being some of the most stylish in the city. Marshalltown is usually buzzing with people from different parts of the Gauteng province and even the country. A lot of people come from various directions to shop for some of the latest and trendiest fashion pieces, styles and shoes. If you are looking for a graduation, wedding or dinner suit, or if you are on the hunt for the perfect dress for you, for your bridesmaids, for your friends or family members, then Small Street Mall and Carlton Centre are your ultimate duo. Here you are spoiled with lots of styles, and inspiration is everywhere. From local designers to international brands, there is something for everyone at Marshalltown’s malls and shopping centres. 

Food For Thought and Tummies

Marshalltown, like many places in Johannesburg, has a rich food aesthetic. There are many options for people to eat, from the small coffee cafes that dominate Main Street to the fruit and vegetable stalls and shops near Bank City that offer freshness on a daily basis at affordable prices. There are also options for every dietary preference. There are famous meat shops and stalls near Park Central station and right near there, more places for young and trendy fashionistas to indulge in thrifted clothing. With Marshalltown, you will get great food and amazing vibes. 

Walk A Few Miles

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic causing so many people to work from home, the Johannesburg city’s infrastructure had to shift a bit. Initially, there were few parks and recreational areas, and now the city has added more places for residents to enjoy picnics, walks, gyming and more right in their backyard. This has changed the way of city living, offering more and more people authentic living experiences in the heart of the buzzing city. 

Love Thy Neighbour

Marshalltown is surrounded by some of Johannesburg’s most loved places. As a central point, it is easy to indulge in the other attractions Johannesburg has if you are located in Marshalltown. There are few restaurants and clubs as you tread further down by Main or Fox street, and if you want to cross the famous Nelson Mandela bridge near the Bree Taxi rank, then there are tons of options waiting for you. If you like the arts, then you will enjoy the Market Theatre and Carfax in Newtown, which host some of the most creative plays and parties, respectively. The community in and around Marshalltown love trying out new and exciting things, so there is always an event happening or an art show worth seeing. 

Living in Marshalltown is relatively safe with security guards patrolling at all times, however just like every place in Johannesburg and the world, it is important to stay careful and aware of crime hotspots and tricks. 

Come For The Flats, Stay For The Views

If you love Johannesburg’s city lights, then Marshalltown is the perfect place for you to experience them. From this side of town, you get to enjoy beautiful lights, and if you are lucky enough to live in our Elangeni flats, then you are right at the beginning of the beautiful city lights. From here, you can see Maboneng, Mandela Bridge and Park Central area lights that offer amazing aesthetics. Marshalltown will also give you amazing photo-centric buildings and attractions if you are crazy about the perfect pictures. So, find affordable housing in Johannesburg through JHC and enjoy Marshalltown daily.