Get To Know The Johannesburg Housing Company

Get To Know The Johannesburg Housing Company

Living in Johannesburg can be one of the most exciting moves anyone can ever make. Not only are people exposed to historical and monumental buildings that house the rich culture of this city, but there are also lots of businesses and business opportunities that exist in Johannesburg. Johannesburg Housing Company, over the years, has been working to identify places and regions that are in need of more buildings and accommodation so that Johannesburg residents are spoiled with convenience and affordability at their doorstep. But, who is JHC, and how has our work impacted the many residents of this city? Let’s take a look at who we are, the low-cost housing we offer, the projects we have and how we’ve ensured Johannesburg residents get the best out of our team. 

The ‘Who’

Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC), through several partnerships with other stakeholders, including the National Department of Human Settlements and the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements, is committed to offering affordable housing in Johannesburg to residents looking for a convenient way to live. Our day-to-day management is led by the chief executive officer and executive management team, made up of the chief financial officer, property manager, IT manager, and the general manager of Makhulong A Matala. We ensure that all your housing needs are met, and all our building managers and housing supervisors help residents find their feet and manage all their JHC needs with ease. 

What Do We Offer?

Having developed more than 4,513 rental housing units and set up homes for more than 12,650 people in the middle to low earning segments, we have not only made living in Johannesburg affordable but convenient and comfortable too. We have housing options ranging from bachelor apartments to single room and double-room flats, as well as communal facilities. Most of our buildings come with playgrounds, sports fields, communal washing facilities and gardens to ensure everyone feels at home even in the middle of the buzzing city of Johannesburg. 

JHC Is Community-Focused

In 2003, when the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) was almost a decade old, Makhulong A Matala Community Development Services was set up to turn JHC’s buildings into more than just houses.

Makhulong A Matala, which means greener pastures in seSotho, builds vibrant places where people can live in safety and comfort, as well as house meaningful connections to make people love where they live. Social cohesion and community integration are behind everything Makhulong A Matala does. 

We work with tenants in neighbourhoods, stakeholders in the city, and residents in any areas where JHC buildings are found on various projects that educate our people on how to make a difference in their lives. We also offer educational tips on living in JHC buildings and areas, help tenants identify and create strong bonds with one another, and so much more. 

Makhulong A Matala operates in three areas: youth and child development, neighbourhood development, and tenant support services to help tenants take control of their lives, recognise their rights and responsibilities, and participate in the decisions that affect them. During the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the residents of JHC buildings showed the true spirit of Makhulong AMatala by being there for one another and strengthening the communities they live in. A true reflection of JHC’s values. 

How Can You Be Part Of The JHC Community?

JHC offers many people the opportunity to live in the suburbs of Johannesburg based on their preferences and affordability. If you like the city centre, where you are close to stores, malls, galleries, and other attractions, you should look at places such as Newtown, Jeppestown and Troyeville. JHC has buildings close to the main attractions in these areas, and affordable flats in Johannesburg is basically our middle name. To apply to live at one of JHC’s buildings is easy and quick, and there is always someone ready to assist you should you need it. 

Come Live Where You Love

Take a look at our many buildings in different areas and make your pick. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the different regions and suburbs you are trying to live in with JHC’s Get To Know The City pieces, written to give new and current residents a fresh look at the places they are trying to or already live in. Contact JHC’s offices for more information on accommodation, our projects and anything low-cost housing rental related. We would love to help where we can, and if we cannot, we will point you towards those who will.