Get To Know The City: The Three Treasures Of Troyeville

Get To Know The City: The Three Treasures Of Troyeville

The suburb of Troyeville. Where the east side of Johannesburg begins was founded during the gold rush when people wanted to move away from the central city buzz and mining. Over the years, Troyeville has evolved into becoming a business hub itself while still maintaining the history of the suburb and city at large. But what makes Troyeville worth a visit, and can one live here? Let’s take a look at three of Troyeville’s special things and places you can visit and live at to get a better sense of this beautiful collage-esque suburb that has many pictures and lots of inspiration.  

Treasure One: Historic Buildings And Monumental Places

Troyeville was built to escape the noise of the mining and buzz of the city but placed close enough for its residents to be able to get to the city centre without any hassles. With this came the building of beautiful homes as well as churches for the Muslim and Christian communities to be able to gain access to, making it one of Johannesburg’s serene places. Fun fact; the great Mahatma Gandhi used to live in Troyeville. The lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist lived in this suburb from 1904 to 1906, and the house is still in existence at Albemarle Street. Plus, the oldest Baptist church in South Africa is in Troyeville. So when it comes to history, Troyeville has plenty. We recommend you take one of the Johannesburg city tours to learn the full story and connection between each of the buildings and monumental statues; you will see how beautifully each suburb connects in this city.

Treasure Two: Good Food And Great Vibes

Troyeville has been an underrated suburb when it comes to being Johannesburg’s entertainment spot based on how quiet and serene the area is. However, there are ways to explore and experience the fun side of Troyeville, and one can’t mention this without mentioning Troyeville Hotel, which is the pride and joy of this suburb. If you are visiting this side of town and find yourself wondering if there are any fun things to do in Troyeville, then Troyeville Hotel on its own already offers you a range of food, drinks and entertainment options. With regular events and shows that celebrate local and international talent, South African foods with an international twist here and there, and lots of different drinks to choose from, you’ll be inspired by the different visitors they are graced with. If you enjoy sports, there are also bars and restaurants to visit where you will enjoy your favourite games, plus a rooftop bar that can give you the best views of the Jozi sunsets. Vibing with us yet? 

Treasure Three: Parks For Kids… And Adults

Troyeville gives those who want to move or visit with their families the freedom to do so without fearing boredom. There is always something to do in Troyeville, and our parks are equipped with enough amusement for the kids. There are also mini skate parks for those who want to polish or start up a new skateboarding hobby. There are also a lot of routes for those who enjoy running and jogging to take on. Troyeville’s streets have steep slopes, which also makes a great challenge for cyclists. There is a lot of law enforcement movement in Troyeville as some businesses have moved to this side of town, and it is considered one of the safe places to live in Johannesburg. But, don’t believe us, come for a visit first. 

Hidden Treasure: The Hearts Of The People

Visiting Troyeville is like visiting an old family home that you didn’t know existed to learn about your family’s history. The people here are warm and welcoming, always exchanging stories with visitors and opening up their homes to you. A lot of residents in this side of town use their homes as lodges and B&Bs because the area is right between Johannesburg CBD and the east side, which is closer to the famous OR Tambo airport. Troyeville residents also enjoy the artsy side of things, with Spaza Gallery being the home of some of the most talented local and international artists. There is indeed something for everyone in Troyeville. 

In Closing, Come Tour The Troye

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