Get to Know The City: Parts Of Jeppestown They Won’t Tell You About

Get to Know The City: Parts Of Jeppestown They Won’t Tell You About

2043, an area code with a rare kind of treasure. Culture. Jeppestown prides itself in having buildings that carry a lot of history, attractions that celebrate its people and talented entrepreneurs and creatives. Let’s talk about some of Jeppestown’s famous spots, activities and art-inspired buildings and flats. 

Pictures That Tell A Story

Jeppestown (or Jeppe as it is commonly known) is famous for housing some of the city’s most celebrated photographers. The area is known to be filled with cameramen and women on a daily basis capturing tourists who are exploring different parts of Jeppe. However, Jeppestown’s map is both exciting and interesting. On the Maboneng and Jewel City sides of the city, there are a lot of restaurants and stores that offer a wide range of selections such as food from various parts of the world, some clothing designs from some talented and recognised designers, and home decor. You can also find bookstores filled with literature ranging from African fiction to South African history to Sci-Fi and more. But, Jeppe’s photographic scenery doesn’t end there. In fact, almost every part of Jeppestown is always shown on the lens. This brings us to the other side of Jeppestown. 

Kwa Jeppe

From Maboneng and Jewel City, via Fox Street heading up, you are exposed to a side of Jeppe that offers the day to day living in the city as well as Jeppestown history all in one. There are convenient stores painted with some graffiti that celebrates fallen and present heroes, internet cafes and vegetable stalls in numbers. However, one of the main attractions in Jeppestown is Kwa Mai Mai. A Traditional Marketplace where Johannesburg residents are spoiled to local cuisine, traditional attire, mediums and more. Kwa Mai Mai is famous for having what Jeppe residents call “the best braai meat in the city”, and anyone that has ever been to Kwa Mai Mai has always raved about it. The South African Zulu culture is also well-celebrated and rich at Kwa Mai Mai, with regular performances by Maskandi singers and dancers and stories about the culture’s past and the place. Jeppe is an open book. Ready for you to feast. 

The Heart Of The City?

Jeppestown is central to a lot of places, which makes it a famous meeting point for a lot of people. First dates, reunions, outings, catch-up sessions; Jeppe is always buzzing with people who are usually there to have a good time. Surrounded by places such as Wolhuter, Troyeville and Hillbrow, it’s no surprise. But what makes Jeppe stand out is that it is central and a stone's throw away from places such as Newtown and Rosebank, which offer even more convenient shopping and amenities for city residents. And if you are looking for a more organic feel, visit Victoria Yards for markets, art and screenings. Victoria Yards is in the heart of Jeppe, an area called Lorentzville. If you are ever there, try a frozen sorbet, especially in the warm sun. You won’t regret it. 

Come Experience Jeppe’s Joy

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