Get To Know The City: Berea

Get To Know The City: Berea 

If you have been following our ‘Get To Know The City’ segment, then you may be aware that the city of Johannesburg is divided into many inner cities that make the whole area and province shine and showcase different exciting offerings. This article is going to be looking at one of central Johannesburg’s busiest towns – Berea. What makes Berea the buzzing inner-city it is, and what does living there look and feel like? Let’s take a look. 

Berea In A Nutshell 

Berea lies east and adjacent to the Johannesburg CBD and is located in Region F of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality. When it comes to the history of Berea, the city’s name was inspired by Durban’s Berea, and it was established in the 18th century. It forms part of Doornfontein and lies between Hillbrow and Yeoville too. So, if you are in Hillbrow, Maboneng, Yeoville, Doornfontein, Braamfontein and surrounding areas, you will have easy access to Berea and vice versa.  

Living In Berea 

If you are thinking about moving to Berea, there are a few things you need to familiarise yourself with so that you get the best out of this city. While a few cities in Johannesburg come with slight warnings regarding safety, Berea is no exception. Because it is a central city that is always filled with traffic and people on the streets, you may want to be vigilant to pickpocketing incidents. However, there are active patrol cars from the South African Police Services and other private companies who make sure the streets are safe. In terms of affordability, JHC has your back. We have Ukhamba Mansions in Berea, which give residents energy-efficient heat pumps which save water and electricity costs, community development facilities ideal for families, biometric access control, on-site cameras for enhanced security, and built-in kitchen cupboards in our 19-storey building with 222 flats in total. You will gain access to a lot of store options in Berea, and it is centrally located near some of the most exciting attractions Johannesburg has to offer. Let’s look at a few. 

Maboneng, The Lit City 

One of Johannesburg’s most vibey inner cities, Maboneng, offers Jozi residents entertainment, food, aesthetics, and photography to residents and visitors regularly. So, take a trip every weekend, visit the different restaurants that offer food from all over the world. From Asian food at Blackanese to Ethiopian dishes from Habesha and James XVI Ethiopian Cafe, from Pata Pata’s famous African meals to Wing Den’s wings. There’s something for everyone in Maboneng, and it is not located far from Berea. 

Jozi Sightseeing… For Sore Eyes 

If you have never taken a tour of Johannesburg, then the City Sightseeing Johannesburg should be on your list of ‘to-do’. Cruise through Johannesburg from the open-air roof of a double-decker bus. With routes encircling historical sights and eclectic locations along the city’s in and outskirts, this hop-on hop-off tour gives you the flexibility to discover the rich cultural heritage Jozi has. The stops on the tour are; Gautrain station at Park, Gandhi Square, Carlton Centre, James Hall Transport Museum, Gold Reef City Theme Park, Apartheid Museum, Mining District Walk, Newtown Precinct, Origins Centre at Wits, Braamfontein, Constitution Hill.

Easy Shopping Close-By 

Another advantage about living in Berea is that you are surrounded by shopping malls and centres. There is Killarney Mall and Norwood Shopping Centre when you are headed towards the north side. There is Carlton Centre, Gandhi Square and Newtown Junction in central Johannesburg, and you will have no trouble finding transportation as Noord taxi rank is close by, plus there are a few stops that act as mini taxi ranks. E-hailing services are available, and the Rea Vaya and Metro buses are available. 

In Closing, Berea Is Open For Residency 

If you are impressed with what you know about this city so far and are looking for affordable flats in Berea, then have a look at some options at Ukhamba Mansions and check out our other affordable flats in Johannesburg that are close by. Let’s get you loving where you live with JHC.