Get To Know The City: A Closer Look At Joubert Park

Get To Know The City: A Closer Look At Joubert Park

Joubert Park is the heart of Johannesburg Central. Housing the CBD, this treasure offers more than just colourful buildings that represent the history of the city; it also has a range of fun activities and is placed central to a lot of amenities that make Johannesburg the upbeat city it is. But, can you live in Joubert Park? And should you consider living here, what are some of the things you should be aware of as a resident and visitor? In this article, we will take a closer look at the heart of Johannesburg’s Business District, what it has in store for us and where you can score affordable accommodation in this part of town. 

Visit The Johannesburg Art Gallery

If you plan on visiting Joubert Park or becoming a resident in this upbeat town, then you will definitely love regular visits to the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG). It is the largest gallery on the continent, with a collection that is larger than that of the Iziko South African National Gallery in Cape Town. Here you can witness some of the most inspiring, conversation-starting and thought-provoking art exhibitions from renowned local and international artists. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will also get information on upcoming events. At the Johannesburg Art Gallery, there is a range of different forms of art. From sculptures to paintings to photographs, so get your art groove on. 

Speaking of the arts in Joubert Park, you are not only limited to JAG as your art source. Just a stone’s throw away, you are spoiled by the Market Theatre, which is home to some of the most talented theatre actors and stories. Having been home to some of South Africa’s most respected artists and boasting a Brenda Fassie sculpture just outside, you can tell the Market Theatre is rich in Johannesburg history. You can also enjoy the likes of Living Moad Art Gallery, the Constitutional Hill (which is another South African treasure with lots of art and history), as well as the Absa Money Museum, where you can take a walk through the evolution of South Africa’s money. If you are looking for inspirational art, you are at the right place in Joubert Park. 

Easy Housing Access

Living in Joubert Park is not difficult nor expensive if you have the right information. Always remember to find affordable ways to live in a new city to avoid paying ridiculous prices on things you can easily get. As this is a central part of Johannesburg, you can score some affordable flats in some of the busiest parts of the city, affording you convenient grocery and household shopping. If you look along the lines of Hillbrow’s Peterson Street, you can get accommodation at Tasnim Mansions, and if you are near the CBD’s Plein Street, there’s Lake Success flats. The Johannesburg Housing Company is proud to be one of the entities constantly working towards giving Johannesburg residents affordable housing.  

Consider Safety

Johannesburg is a buzzing city, and by now, you must have heard enough about it to scare you a little bit. But worry not, as Johannesburg residents take safety seriously. There are various ways to protect yourself in this city and routes that are recommended for travelling, especially at night or during the early hours of the morning. The exciting thing about Johannesburg is that there are lots of transport options for you so you will not easily be stranded.

Invest in a Rea Vaya or Metro bus tag for trips to other suburbs, use e-hailing services for local transportation, and invest in taxi knowledge for when you need to head to work. Driving around Johannesburg also requires you to be careful, so always be vigilant when cruising the highways of Egoli. There are security and law enforcement representatives visible in the streets of Johannesburg, always ready to assist and keep residents safe. The trick in Johannesburg is to identify the security guards and communicate only with them if you feel lost or need directions. 

Final Words, Come Jol In Joubert

Joubert Park as the centre of the city houses a lot of entertainment too. Meaning you have a range of options when it comes to restaurants, bars, as well as entertainment spots. The creative love hanging out in Maboneng, the corporate peeps love Troyeville, and business people enjoy the north side of things, so as soon as you are in Joubert, it won’t be hard finding your tribe. Come experience great service and affordable housing in Johannesburg while enjoying fun activities and convenient shopping in Joubert Park.