Fun JHC activities for kids and how to join in

Fun JHC activities for kids and how to join in

As a parent, there are several things you need to consider before moving into a new place, like how safe it is, whether it’s close to schools, if there’s affordable and reliable transportation, and if it’s a conducive environment for children. 

At JHC, we understand the importance of ensuring you and your child live in a place you can call home. This is why our flats have fun activities for kids. Apart from offering fun activities, most of our residences have a play area and onsite creche for the little ones. Continue reading to find out what initiatives we have for children once you become part of the JHC family. 

Children’s workshop

We don’t believe children's development and learning should only be restricted to the classroom. Workshops can help improve children’s well-being and also teach them valuable life skills. This is why we have brought workshops to our residences. We cover various aspects, such as offering kids workshops that are educational and touch on safety, their mental and emotional well-being, and activities that can help with mental stimulation. We’re hoping to create a community that helps raise children who can think critically and be exceptional adults when they grow up.  


One of our youth programmes in some of our residences is chess. When children play a game of chess regularly, experts say it can help them improve their decision-making ability, expand their thinking, impact how they learn and give them analytical power. These are all valuable things a child needs to learn to positively impact them at school and home. A few of our residences that offer chess are Bongaelic, Brickfields flats, Lake Success, Legae Accommodation & Phumlani and New Hampstead. To have your child join, you need to reside in one of these residences. 

Junior soccer

We know that future Lionel Messi, Ronaldhino, and Neymar could be right here in South Africa, or even better, at one of our flats to rent in Cosmo city or elsewhere. This is why we have a junior soccer team for any child who wishes to play sports. Soccer is the perfect activity for kids at home as it has many health benefits. Playing soccer can help maintain health, fitness and can help build strength and endurance for the little ones. If you have a lil soccer fanatic, you’ll love residing in our residence as all of them have a soccer team that is always looking for recruits. Your child can be a part of our Taffy Cup, a mini soccer tournament that has been created by JHC and Makhulong a Matala (MAM) – an entity that focuses on social cohesion and community integration.

Guidance towards adulthood

Children are the future, and they need to be protected, taught and guided to adulthood and making good decisions. We understand that it’s important for our residents to have fun games that also allow them to learn new things that will help them at school and in life as they grow up. At JHC, we believe that it doesn’t just take a parent to raise a child but the entire community. 

Whichever residence you choose, whether it’s Elangeni flats, Newtown apartments for rent like Heritage View or any other apartments to rent in Johannesburg CBD, you will always find a place that you and your family can make a home. For your child to join an activity or programme, all you have to do is be a resident in our flats. Our residences are suitable for all ages, and it is something we take pride in. So, contact us today to get more information on our children's activities and more.