Does the pandemic impact JHC’s community events?

Does the pandemic impact JHC’s community events?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a new reality for South Africans and everyone all over the world—living under lockdown. And while we’ve all had to quickly adjust and find our feet amidst the new normal, the impacts of lockdown have been felt a lot and a lot of times. Our definition of “gathering” has been changing with every “Presidential Family Meeting'' or announcement, making us value the spaces we share with our families and others in the buildings we occupy. With all the negativity surrounding this period, you might be wondering how you can better enjoy your shared spaces and host events during lockdown. Worry not, as we’ve gathered a few tips on how to make use of your building facilities and nearest attractions, plus partake in some of JHC’s community events and initiatives. Take a look...

Safety and Security First, and Always

With fast city living in the heart of Johannesburg comes risks of experiencing inconveniences such as hijacking, robbery and theft. However, in almost every corner at Jeppestown and surrounding areas, there are patrol cars and security guards ensuring safety and encouraging law-abiding citizens. It’s also important to form communities that also cater for residents, providing information such as criminal hotspot updates, what safety measures to take when heading to certain places at certain times and more. 

At JHC, we also play our part regarding the safety of others. We have partnered with the Lutheran Outreach Foundation to help fight against gender-based violence as well as educate people on GBV, how to get help, where and who to talk to, as well as Men’s Forums that engage the men and women in our buildings in conversations involving the safety of others. You, too, can play your part in ensuring you become one of the voices for change and protection over fellow residents. You may start conversations around certain issues around the building, join voluntary programmes such as the Community Policing Forum (CPF), create and support safe spaces, attend JHC’s community events, and more. There’s no such thing as ‘too much help’. 

City Living, But Make It Family-Friendly

Another proud moment for us is continuously upgrading our buildings to offer our residents a more family-friendly place to call home. Most of our buildings have playgrounds and football fields, making sure those with children have access to fun outdoor activities every now and then, and since lockdown, we have seen more people make use of these spaces. 

Gathering In Consideration of Others

Though it is not advisable to have large gatherings with different variants of the Covid-19 illness surfacing all over South Africa, most people find themselves having to narrow down their guest lists and alter their event plans. At JHC, we have shared spaces and facilities such as braai areas, chill spots and more, making it easy for our tenants to always have their loved ones over time and again. Give your guests a taste of the JHC experience. 

One thing to consider when hosting a gathering is informing your fellow building residents so they are prepared for a) noise levels and b) social distancing, as some people prefer knowing that a shared space will be crowded, therefore maybe avoiding using it. So, be a nice tenant and always try to inform others when you are hosting something. Speaking of hosting, at JHC, we also have a series of events to ensure we support and care for our residents. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, a lot of people have had to adjust their lifestyles and found themselves in need of help. We have created and curated food gardens and parcels to help those in need and continue to have anti-litter and recycling projects, wellness check-ins, fitness and health events and more. We could always use extra donations and contributions, so if you’d like to play your part, speak to your JHC building manager.

Play Is The New Play

With children being around more than usual due to the ever-changing school schedules, they have had to adjust to new norms on the playground. While we offer sanitising stations for people to use regularly, it is also our responsibility to ensure that children are always abiding by rules such as washing hands, keeping safe distances and sanitising. 

A nice way to ensure your children are safe on the playground is to have a travel-size sanitiser on you if you supervise your child at the playground or go for the old school way of calling them in after some time to sanitise or wash hands. It’s also important to help keep our playgrounds clean, so always ensure you clean up after yourself and your children.  

In Conclusion: Change, The Only Constant

While the way we do things has changed and it seems like connecting with family and friends requires a serious level of safety, there is joy in knowing that we are not all alone, and at JHC, we are always working to bring you safe spaces and flats to rent in Johannesburg that give you peace of mind. And if you felt the impact of Covid 19 in your family and community and are looking for affordable apartments in Johannesburg, we’re here for you. Find a place to call home with JHC. We promise you won’t be disappointed.