Discover Bachelor Flats That Suit Your Budget

Discover Bachelor Flats That Suit Your Budget 

Look at you, ready to step out into the wonderful world of solo living! If you are reading this, it means you are considering renting out a bachelor flat, and this may be your first time. Well, do not stress; in this article, we will take a look at some of the tips, tricks and benefits to look for when sourcing a bachelor flat from finance institutions as well as rental agency experts. Grab a pen and paper. 

Let’s Talk About Money 

Budget and budgeting are probably two of the words you have been hearing the most regarding sourcing a flat. That’s because it is important to be able to qualify for the rental because it will give you more options to choose from. Remember, it is advised that you should look to rent a place that costs no more than 30% of your monthly income, and JHC has affordable housing in Johannesburg to ensure you do not hurt your budget. 

Your Options 

When it comes to choosing a place, there are a few options based on your lifestyle and taste. If you are looking for something that offers a little bit of adventure away from the city centre, consider Kempton Park. This developing and scenic area is home to the famous OR Tambo International Airport, so you don’t have to worry about driving through city traffic when taking those trips. Kempton Park is also close to Wild Waters, which is a waterpark you and your loved ones will enjoy. You’re looking for some art and theatre inspiration? There’s the Theatre of Marcellus located in Kempton Park’s Emperor’s Palace Hotel and Casino. Johannesburg Housing Company offers affordable bachelor flats to rent in Kempton Park, so take a look and suss out your options. 

Qualifying And Applying 

If it is your first time renting on your own, you may be aware that there is a bit of a difference between co-leasing and taking on a lease on your own. While the difference isn’t huge, you are aware that the costs of your flat are all coming to you, and so are the responsibilities. A top tip is to look for a flat you will be able to maintain financially and across the board. When applying for a flat rental, you will need to submit the following documents in order for your rental agency to see if you qualify to lease with them: 

  • Certified copy of original ID document or valid passport and permit
  • Original or certified copy of latest payslip
  • Original or certified copy of 3 months’ recent bank statements if you are employed
  • Original or certified copy of 6 months’ recent bank statements if you are self-employed
  • Certified copy of company or close corporation registration forms if applicable

While this process happens, start drawing up a budget and calculate how much you will need to set aside every month for you to maintain living in your flat. Then set goals for furnishing, decorating and filling your space if need be. All of this can be done at your pace. 

Who Can Rent A Bachelor? 

If you are a working professional that is usually busy and travels a lot, a bachelor flat may be ideal for you. They are easy to clean as they are a bit smaller than one-bedroom flats, and you will have your own space that is bigger than a bedroom in a shared space. With a bachelor, you can also save on furniture costs as you will not need to fill in too much. Influencers and decor experts are finding amazing ways to decorate small spaces, so make sure you check them out for inspiration. You can turn your small space into your little haven while saving money and retaining the state of your flat with these small and easy tips

Final Thoughts 

You can get the best out of moving out on your own with the right tips and tricks. At JHC we understand you may get a little overwhelmed when needing to choose your next home, so enjoy some of our tips on how to choose that home. Contact us if you want to live in a home you’ll love. We are here to help