Portfolio Officer

Officer within the JHC.  The key requirements and responsibilities of the position are as follows:

 REPORTING LINE: Property Manager


To manage the performance of a portfolio and implement effective building management practices, to support building communities within the portfolio


Key Performance Areas


Building Portfolio Management

  • Manage the performance of the building portfolio including:
    • Facilitating filling vacancies
    • Managing maintenance standards and spend
    • Facilitating utilities management
    • Implementation of the credit control process
    • Managing the eviction process
    • Managing and addressing customer service issues
    • Managing financial performance against budgeted performance
    • Facilitating tenant intake and exit processes
    • Supporting tenant induction processes
    • Facilitating tenant information updating
    • Managing building health and safety

Staff management

  • Recruit and select appropriate staff
  • Define work programmes for staff
  • Manage staff performance against agreed work standards
  • Manage staff leave
  • Provide support to Housing Supervisors re challenges faced in their buildings
  • Identify training requirements for staff
  • Facilitate on-the-job training for Housing Supervisors
  • Coach and mentor staff
  • Take necessary corrective action for misconduct or non-performance of staff

Customer service

  • Identify appropriate customer service behaviours
  • Review customer service survey and exit and entry interview forms to identify customer service issues
  • Support staff to deliver appropriate levels of customer service
  • Address any customer service challenges
  • Communicate with tenants to ensure that they are informed of relevant information

Budget development and management

  • Draft building budgets against defined financial parameters
  • Agree final building budgets
  • Monitor building performance against budgets on a monthly basis
  • Manage building expenditure in line with budgets
  • Report on budget variances monthly
  • Implement corrective measures


  • Liaise with Housing Supervisors to review maintenance requirements daily
  • Monitor scheduling of maintenance work
  • Review maintenance related invoices
  • Approve maintenance invoices
  • Manage expenditure on maintenance
  • Provide support to the Technical Services Officer with respect of special maintenance and refurbishment projects in the buildings

Community Development

  • Review social issues that emerge from the buildings on a daily basis
  • Liaise with Community Development to address social issues
  • Provide support to Housing Supervisors to address social issues
  • Report on ongoing social trends that emerge in buildings
  • Supporting implementation of community development programmes and initiatives


  • Participate in relevant meetings
  • Draft reports
  • Answer queries from tenants and Housing Supervisors
  • Filing of relevant documents
  • Forwarding relevant information to partner departments
  • Manage a diary effectively

Property Management policies and procedures

  • Review policies and procedures
  • Train staff on policies and procedures
  • Monitor implementation of policies and procedures in all buildings
  • Address any areas of non-compliance with policies and procedures

Service Provider Management

  • Provide input into the sourcing of appropriate service providers
  • Provide input into the allocation of service providers to portfolios
  • Provide input on the service level standards definition with service providers
  • Induct service providers
  • Schedule and hold monthly management meetings
  • Monitor performance against the agreed service level standards
  • Address any areas of service level non-performance
  • Implement corrective action, penalty clauses etc for non-performance

New building take-on

  • Provide input on product development and pricing
  • Participate in the training, commissioning and handover process of a new building
  • Support tenant engagement where required
  • Support the tenant intake on building launch

Portfolio Coordination

  • Coordinate relevant portfolio
  • Facilitate communication within portfolio
  • Manage achievement of portfolio deliverables
  • Facilitate conflict resolution within portfolio

Represent JHC in Fora

  • Represent the JHC at Rental Tribunal
  • Represent the JHC at different fora


Qualifications and Experience

  • A relevant tertiary qualification in property or facilities management
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in managing a portfolio of buildings
  • A minimum of 5 years staff management experience
  • Computer literacy in MS Office



Housing Supervisors

Debtors Controllers and Administrators


Maintenance Officer

Operations Manager

Community Development

Health and Safety Committee



Service providers


Suitable and qualified applicants who meet the above requirements should forward a complete CV to [email protected] by no later than close of business on the 16 August 2019.