Vacancy: Housing Supervisor X 2

The key requirements and responsibilities of the position are as follows:

ROLE PURPOSE: To oversee the management of the JHC building including management of relationships with tenants, service providers, building maintenance and implementation of JHC property management policies and procedures. 


Key Performance Areas Activities

Building Management

  • Manage the vacancy levels in the buildings through assisting prospective tenants, facilitating viewing of vacant units and maintaining vacant units in a let-able condition daily
  • Manage the condition of the building through inspecting the building and grounds, identifying key areas of concern and implementing correcting action and reviewing and addressing any security or maintenance required
  • Manage cleanliness of the buildings by conducting building inspections, identifying areas that require cleaning and engaging with cleaning service providers to supervise cleaning of identified areas daily
  • Manage gardens by reviewing maintenance and cleanliness of the gardens, identifying areas of concern, engaging with garden service providers and monitoring implementation of corrective action daily
  • Manage lifts by conducting inspections, monitoring routine maintenance, registering any repairs required and supervising lift services and adhoc maintenance monthly and as required
  • Manage playrooms and playgrounds by conducting inspections, identifying maintenance and cleaning requirements, engaging with service providers and monitoring maintenance and cleaning undertaken weekly and as required
  • Manage building equipment by conducting inspections, supervising routine maintenance, identifying adhoc maintenance requirements and liaising with and monitoring maintenance service providers daily
  • Manage parking by identifying vacant parking spaces, facilitating the application and allocation process for parking spaces and monitoring the use of parking spaces by tenants, identifying issues and implementing corrective action monthly
  • Manage building security by inspecting security equipment, monitoring security service providers, identifying risks and implementing corrective action daily
  • Manage health and safety requirements by inspecting equipment and measures, identifying risks and implementing corrective action monthly and as required

Tenant Take On and Exit

  • Facilitate application for new tenants by providing application forms, supporting completion of the forms and collection of the supporting documents, scanning and submitting documentation as required
  • Take new tenants on by welcoming tenants, providing them with an overview of the building and general house rules, facilitating completion of relevant documentation, completing the take on snag list and forwarding information monthly and as required
  • Facilitate the exit of tenants by receiving and forwarding notices, conducting exit snag lists, engaging with tenants around their departure, providing information on maintenance and tenant feedback and monitoring the moving out of tenants monthly and as required
  • Activate and deactivate tenants on the access control systems by loading and terminating tenants and their dependents on the system, monitoring working of the system and addressing any access issues as required

Rental Collection and Arrears Management

  • Support rental collection by distributing statements, receiving payments, answering tenant queries and providing proof of payment to Property Accounts monthly and as required
  • Implement arrears management by distributing tenant letters, following up with tenants in arrears, supporting payment of rental and payment agreements and providing feedback to Property Accounts monthly
  • Support CCM processes by engaging with the tenants and service providers, facilitating implementation of CCM measures, providing feedback from tenants to Property Accounts and answering queries monthly

Service Provider Management

  • Supervise the performance of the relevant contract service providers by monitoring implementation of their work requirements, identifying areas for improvement, engaging with supervisors and providing feedback as required
  • Supervise maintenance service providers by reviewing their work, identifying quality and performance concerns, providing feedback and following up on corrective action daily
  • Supervise project service providers by monitoring work in line with the project plan, confirming work completed, identifying areas of concern and providing feedback as required


  • Coordinate maintenance by reviewing maintenance requests, logging queries, monitoring and following up on maintenance issues and confirming maintenance has been completed daily
  • Support maintenance recoveries by assessing the maintenance requirements and providing input and feedback on the recovery requirements as required
  • Monitor maintenance expenditure by tracking service provider costs in line with budgets, highlighting areas of concern and providing feedback monthly and as required

Social and Neighbourhood Environment Management

  • Address social incidents by understanding the issue, resolving basic social issues, engaging the relevant support structures to address more complex issues and following up on social incidents as required
  • Support tenant participation by building relationships with tenants, providing tenants with feedback on issues and communicating with tenants as required
  • Support community development activities by engaging with the community development team, supporting community activities, participating in community engagement and providing input and feedback as required
  • Participate in CIDs by attending meetings, providing input and feedback, raising concerns and communicating issues as required


Qualifications and Experience

  • A minimum of a Grade 12 or equivalent qualification is preferred. 
  • At least 5 years residential building management experience is required. 
  • Experience in maintenance is preferred. 
  • Computer literacy in MS Office is required



Customer Experience

Community Development

Property Accounts


Letting and Marketing



Property Administration




Service providers





Suitable and qualified applicants who meet the above requirements should forward a complete CV to by no later than close of business on the 19 October 2020