Internal Advertisement: IT Administrator

There is a vacancy for an IT Administrator.  The key requirements and responsibilities of the position are as follows:

ROLE PURPOSE: To provide IT software and hardware implementation support in the buildings and head office and to support operating system project implementation and testing to ensure the system meets business needs and is implemented in line with business priorities.


Key Performance Areas Activities
Systems Project Implementation Contribute to systems specification development by identifying business priorities and needs, collating, documenting and participating in final specification development as required
Participate in systems development by engaging with developers to agree implementation and development approach, discuss user capabilities and needs and support systems development that aligns with user requirements as required and within project timelines.
Participate in project meetings by preparing, gathering input, completing allocated tasks, participating in discussions and completing any other required tasks as and when required and as defined in project timelines
Support implementation of projects by completing allocated tasks and providing feedback as and when required
Participate in project close-out and handover by identifying and contributing project successes, lessons learnt, next steps and way forward as required
Hardware and Software Installation and Maintenance Install and maintain the JHC systems by completing required installations.
Checking they are up to date, applying data fixes and managing tickets as required and within deadlines
Report all hardware and software faults by generating system reports, evaluating, identifying discrepancies and issues, investigating and escalating appropriate faults as required and at least monthly
Participate in building cutovers by liaising with both Service providers and HSV’s and enrolling tenants when required
Install hardware at buildings by receiving instruction, sourcing required hardware, completing tasks to ensure functionality, testing and handing over to appointed responsible party in building by deadline 
Create and maintain the building IT equipment inventory by listing all equipment that exists in buildings with required identification information, date of issue and any other necessary information at all times and at least monthly. 
Recommend hardware upgrades as required by tracking hardware repair frequency and costs, coordinating equipment repair and recommending replacement when hardware is not cost effective.
Monitor and report on the movement of equipment at buildings by updating the inventory list and reporting on changes as required and at least quarterly.
Systems Testing Build and maintain a collection of systems test cases by defining relevant JHC scenarios, developing supporting profiles and structures and filing for use in relevant systems testing situations
Conduct systems testing before submitting to Users for User Testing by using systems test cases, testing all functionality, capturing issues and reporting as agreed
Maintain and track resolution of systems errors identified in testing by building database of identified errors, prioritise correction, follow-up on development and address non-completion or incorrect correction as and when required and within deadlines.
Training Develop customised training manuals by utilising existing manuals, adding enhancements or unique training needs from targeted learners, checking manual for completeness and coordinating printing before training is conducted
Provide individual systems mentoring by identifying individual user training needs, conducting one on one skills transfer and supporting implementation after mentoring as required
Develop new systems training by developing training manuals, conducting training, checking understanding and providing post training support as required
Identify training needs by tracking troubleshooting needs that are user errors, developing interventions to resolve issue and implementing as and when required 
Maintain expert IT competence and skill to provide training excellence by following relevant forums, attending training, conducting research and continuously improving skills at all times.
Systems Troubleshooting Receive and evaluate all allocated systems issues by receiving information, documenting, evaluating, identifying cause of error and resolving where possible
Coordinate the resolution of systems design and development errors issues by identifying, referring, tracking, testing once resolved and reporting as required and at least monthly
Build and maintain super user status on defined systems by building expertise and competence, resolving issues and maintaining system wide understanding at all times
Attend to all access control queries reported by security by replicating problems and coming up with preventative measures to resolve the problems within deadlines
Resolve device support requirements by receiving request, investigating, resolving, training the employee, tracking request and reporting as required and within deadline 
Develop reports and use to identify systems issues by developing report, testing, running report, evaluating findings and making recommendations as required.
IT Administration and Security Allocate administration rights and responsibilities for operating systems by collecting required information, identifying access required, allocating access and checking rights are operating correctly within deadline
Implement substitute rights for systems access when staff are on leave by receiving instruction, identifying substitute and allocating rights for period that employee is on leave within deadline
Maintain hardware and software databases by  capturing all required information for newly allocated or terminated equipment and checking for completion and accuracy as required and at least monthly
Provide general support by responding to and acting on any other reasonable requirements as necessary.


Qualifications and Experience
A minimum of a certificate in Information Technology or equivalent is required
Expert computer literacy in MS Office is required
Basic Desktop support experience required
Driver’s license and own vehicle is preferred


Competency Level Required
Professional Competencies  
Cognitive Ability 2
Attention to Detail 1
Influencing  1
Organisational Awareness 1
Planning and Organising 2
Organisational Effectiveness 1
Problem Solving 2
Project Management 1
Negotiation 1
Business Processes 1
Technology Usage 3
Use of Basic Technology and Equipment 4
Data Processing and Analysis 3
Personal Competencies  
Action and Outcome Orientation 2
Change Management 1
Resilience 2
Accountability and Ethical Conduct 1
Ethics and Professionalism 1
Service Orientation Competencies  
Interpersonal relationships 2
Written Communication 2
Oral Communication 2
Client Orientation and Customer Focus 1


Senior Management
Middle Managers
Administrative staff

IT Service Providers

Suitable and qualified applicants who meet the above requirements should forward a complete CV to by no later than close of business on the 10 April 2020.