About Johannesburg Housing Company

Launched in 1995, the Johannesburg Housing Company is a social housing company that has built a new model for affordable housing in Johannesburg with better building management and great customer service.

We currently manage more than 4,600 affordable apartments in Johannesburg, setting up homes for over 13,500 people in low to middle income communities. We have 36 buildings in total. They are found across the inner city and into Greater Johannesburg. Over the years we have added more buildings as more and more people have moved to the city, all looking for housing.

Although our financial investment has been huge, our long-term impact is bigger: we turn houses into homes, create neighbourhoods where people want to live, where they can come and go to work easily, where children can go to school, and where they can play safely.

Families, single parents and their children, young working couples, professionals, blue-collar workers, students and the elderly have all made JHC buildings their homes.

We work together with tenants for safer, cleaner buildings and neighbourhoods; we have community events and programmes; and for the children, playgrounds, sports and outdoor playing fields.

Over the years, the neighbourhoods we create have encouraged other groups to invest in the inner city, making it a clean and welcoming, inclusive place where people can live safely and comfortably. JHC has opened up the city to more people and created the space for mixed income communities to grow and prosper.

JHC is a non-profit social housing company, and we are a trusted and valued partner of the government, business, private financial institutions, and sister organisations within and outside South Africa, as well as our tenant communities.

JHC has been recognised internationally for its innovative approach to tackling some of the housing challenges that confront cities. We have also helped to regenerate Johannesburg’s inner city, with the goal of building a secure residential community in the 24/7 inner city – the living and liveable city.

As part of diversifying its portfolio, since November 2020, JHC has also taken on the management of non-owned buildings for the first time, providing property management services to the landlord.