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Tenant Services

JHC strives to deliver good value for money accommodation and service for all its customers.

In the design and construction of its buildings – whether upgrading projects or new developments – and in the quality of services that it provides to tenants, JHC has challenged conventional practice and has found new solutions, setting new standards that respond to tenants’ real needs and preferences. This approach establishes the foundation for shared respect, human dignity, and a culture of trust, which characterises all JHC’s interactions with tenants.

In its high-rise and medium-rise buildings across the inner city JHC provides a mix of accommodation units to suit different needs – for families, couples, people sharing a home or living alone. At all buildings a JHC Housing Supervisor lives on site to oversee the management of the building and to ensure that the property is kept in good order and the House Rules are observed. The Housing Supervisor is available to answer tenants’ queries and respond to issues raised.

Security services are in place at all buildings and access is controlled, with security guards on duty 24 hours a day. Cleaning services are also contracted to keep the common areas clean and neat.

In addition to the core provision of managed residential accommodation, JHC offers various amenities at different buildings, such as play areas for young children or open garden areas for residents to enjoy.

JHC’s Housing Supervisors work closely with the company’s community development wing Makhulong A Matala. Makhulong offers tenants a range of extra services and community programmes at different buildings. Tenants can participate in these programmes if they choose to and additional fees are payable accordingly.

To ensure that it maintains a high level of customer satisfaction across all its services JHC commissions an independent Customer Service Survey each year. This gives the company an understanding of tenants’ views on the quality of accommodation and the services that it provides. From the survey JHC can see where it is doing well, or where service standards need to be improved. Any problem areas noted can be attended to quickly. To date, tenants have consistently rated JHC’s accommodation and services as good to very good. None the less, the company is always looking for opportunities to improve its services, to keep JHC as the ‘first choice’ for living in the city.

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