Fraud Hotline

Johannesburg Housing Company's Fraud Hotline provides an avenue for individuals to report unlawful activities and incidents within the JHC’s operations. Please note this Fraud Hotline only deals with reports that are JHC related.

JHC handles allegations regarding violations of law or regulations in the strictest confidence and will under no circumstances disclose your identity.

Reports can be submitted online, telephonically (010) 593-0224 (8:30-16:00 Monday to Friday) via by fax (011) 836-0469 or e-mail

Please provide us with a unique code name or number that you can use when communicating with us. If you have communicated with us before, please use the code that you provided previously.
Name of building where the activity/incident has taken, or is taking place.
Do you have personal knowledge about the activity/incident you are reporting or are you acting on something you heard from someone else? Please choose the appropriate option:
In order to assist with the investigation please supply the names, unit numbers and any other relevant details of the individuals involved in the activity/incident.
If there are other witnesses to the activity/ incident you are reporting, please supply their details.
When did the activity/incident occur? Please supply the time.
When did the activity/incident occur? Please supply the date.