JHC Resources

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UN award for Jo’burg housing group 2007 Newsroom
JHC makes two more buildings in Hillbrow "Your home in the City" 2007 Newsroom
UN award for Joburg housing 2007 Newsroom
East end, west end – which is best? 2007 Newsroom
Billionaire donors give back to the poor 2007 Newsroom
Taffy Adler Cup 2007 2007 Newsroom
Finalists Announced For Social Entrepreneur Awards South Africa 2007 2007 Newsroom
Speech by LN Sisulu Minister of Housing 2007 Newsroom
The City vs Sandton 2007 Newsroom
APEXHI BEE Trust Beneficiaries receive R74,8 million for sale of C units to Clearwater Capital 2007 Newsroom
Let's celebrate Johannesburg's diversity 2007 Newsroom
BEE Scheme exceeds expectations 2007 Newsroom
Department announces new Tribunal members 2007 Newsroom
Breaking Ground 2007 Newsroom
The Beginning of the End 2007 Newsroom
INNER CITIES: Hillbrow does bourgeois 2007 Newsroom
Property prices in Joburg city centre out of reach for the poor 2007 Newsroom
New Year’s Eve in South Africa... 2007 Newsroom
Bring on more houses 2006 Newsroom
Mural part of City's public art programme 2006 Newsroom
JHC verskaf veel meer as net huise vir armes 2006 Newsroom
Annual Report 2006 2006 Annual Reports
Only Good News from this Flurry of Year End Activities 2006 Newsroom
Keynote address by Minister of Housing 2006 Newsroom
Another Award for Johannesburg Housing Company 2006 Newsroom
A victim of its own success 2006 Newsroom
Cities Magnets of Hope - World Habitat Day 2006 2006 Newsroom
BSHF News: World Habitat Newsletter 2006 Newsroom
Singular UN honour for the JHC 2006 Newsroom
How is Joburg really doing? 2006 Newsroom
Prestigious award for Jozi's social housing 2006 Newsroom
Joburg Housing Company wins UN Habitat award 2006 Newsroom
Crossing Johannesburg's red line 2006 Newsroom
Brickfields - Breaking new ground 2006 Newsroom
Inner-city home to new fibre of folks 2006 Newsroom
It has been Jozi's year 2005 Newsroom
Inner city regeneration overview for 2005 2005 Newsroom
A decade of housing Joburgers 2005 Newsroom
Project Review Series: Brickfields & Legae 2005 Newsroom
Breathing life into the city 2005 Newsroom
In the spotlight - Hillbrow 2005 Newsroom
Landmarks & Learnings 2005 Newsroom
Hillbrow’s slum blocks turned into housing 2005 Newsroom
Brickfields - The Regeneration of Communities 2005 Newsroom
A partner in the social housing sector 2005 Newsroom
More Newtown housing planned 2005 Newsroom
Stopping the inner-city rot 2005 Newsroom
Mbeki's arrival at Newtown complex makes... 2005 Newsroom
Brickfields' tumultuous contribution to past recal 2005 Newsroom
Poor have right to good land - Mbeki 2005 Newsroom