Taffy Adler Cup 2007

This year Youth Day was celebrated by JHC tenants and staff in a sporting fashion.

Hundreds of soccer enthusiasts attended first Taffy Adler Top 8 Soccer Tournament. Initially there were fourteen Makhulong A Matala Soccer League teams and only eight qualified to participate in this exhilarating tournament.

The tournament was initiated by the Makhulong A Matala Soccer League Committee. It was held in recognition of the contribution Taffy Adler, CEO of JHC, has made to the lives of the thousands of women, men and children staying in JHC buildings.

A surprised Taffy was welcomed by a guard of honour consisting of young JHC tenants. “A huge thank you for giving me this honour and recognition. It was a complete surprise,” Taffy said.

The winner of the prestigious Taffy Adler Cup was Modular Plumbing, who literally snatched the cup away from the runners up. Tasnim Heights, last year’s league winners, bit the dust in a nail biting penalty shootout.