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The President's Award

The South African Institute of Architects President's Award recognises work from across the entire profession for the contribution architecture makes to the development of a sustainable built environment and the societies which it serves.

Elangeni Social Housing Project became the first inner city housing project to attact a commercial bank loan in South Africa, paving the way for other social housing companies to attract private public partnership funding.

Savage and Dodd Architects

JHC receives Govan Mbeki Award 2008

JHC is proud to announce that it was a co-recipient of a Govan Mbeki Award for 2008, in the category Social Housing Institution of the Year - Gauteng. The award was received on JHC's behalf by Property Manager Teddie O'Brien. The co-recipients - JHC and Madulamoho - will be representing Gauteng in the National phase of this award.

The Govan Mbeki Awards aim to recognise the contribution made by all sector role players and stakeholders of accelerated housing delivery.

JHC was also the recipient of the inaugural Govan Mbeki Award in 2006.

JHC Case Study 20080717

Taffy Adler, CEO of the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC), a private, not-for-profit “social housing institution” in South Africa, pondered the history and trajectory of his organization as he trudged through the snow in New Haven, Connecticut. Attending a conference co-sponsored by the Development Finance Forum and the Yale School of Management in December 2007, he was slightly bemused by the notion that international delegates would consider JHC a financial services organization and, specifically, “a development finance institution.”