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City on the up

By the Editor

© The Star 2005-07-06

We are confident, we Johannesburgers, that deep down we are lovely souls, spirited and vibrant and nice to know. But we confess, too, to occasional failings. Among these is our capacity to overlook the nice things happening in our beloved mining camp, so as to keep our energy free for complaining about the less non-nice things.

Jubilant families get place to call home

By Anna Cox

© The Star 2005-07-04

The first tenants have moved into the R98,7-million cosmopolitan housing project in Brickfields, Newtown, in the Johannesburg CBD.

On Friday great excitement greeted the offloading of bakkies and rummaging for the right keys as the tenants were shown around by Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) officials. By 10am some curtains were already hung as the residents started settling in.

Inner city development shows a renting success

By David Pincus

© Saturday Star 2005-07-02

Non-payment of rent has almost become a cult among some in South Africa. We have written about this on several occasions in these columns recently, and the Sunday Times recently carried a report about a tenant from hell who refused to pay rent and eventually set her flat on fire.

First tenants move into Brickfields homes

By Lucky Sindane

© Johannesburg Development Agency 20050701

It is early on Friday morning and a queue of people, carrying white envelopes containing lease contracts, is forming outside the new Brickfields housing development in Newtown.

They are here to get the keys to their new homes, the first group of 300 tenants moving into the innovative, 600-unit block, on Friday, 1 July.

Brickfields, an initiative overseen by the Johannesburg Housing Company, offers one- to three-bedroomed flats catering for a range of people across income groups.

Upwardly mobile are moving back into the inner city

By Anna Cox

© The Star 2005-06-15

A new breath of life will be injected into the inner city as the first tenants are expected to take occupation of the new Brickfields residential development in Newtown on July 1.

Already 50% of the flats have been taken; a sign that there is a huge need for such residential accommodation, said Dombolo Masilela, marketing manager of the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC).