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Singular UN honour for the JHC

Johannesburg Housing Company, headed by Taffy Adler, has won the UN Habitat Award SA Jewish Report reports on the UN Habitat Award © SA Jewish Report

How is Joburg really doing?

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By Neil Fraser

How is Joburg really doing?

Before looking at the question, a short diversion: I was privileged to attend a very special lunch on Wednesday, 27 September, when the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) staff, management, board and some friends celebrated yet another milestone in the life of this extraordinary company.

Prestigious award for Jozi's social housing

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By Anna Cox

The Johannesburg Housing Company has been awarded the prestigious UN Habitat Award for its pioneering social housing projects in Johannesburg's inner city.

The two housing companies that receive the award each year are selected from housing companies worldwide which have come up with innovative and sustainable housing solutions. It is the first time that a South African company has been a recipient.

Joburg Housing Company wins UN Habitat award

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By Lucky Sindane

The Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) is celebrating after winning the 2006 UN Habitat Award for innovative and sustainable housing solutions.

The Building and Social Housing Foundation established the UN Habitat awards in 1985. The awards recognise projects that provide practical and innovative solutions to housing needs and problems.

Crossing Johannesburg's red line

Justin Pearce

"The best thing about it is the security," Sam Maleka, 27, says of the flat where he lives in the Brickfields complex, in Johannesburg's inner-city Newtown district.

"It's nice to have peace of mind, and no thugs around."

Peek through the bars of the card-operated security gate that gives access to Brickfields and you see children playing on a green lawn in the middle of the red-brick flats, while adults wander home from work or carrying shopping.