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Breaking Ground

Taffy Adler explains about JHC and low income housing. © The Property Magazine

The Beginning of the End

Heather Dodd and Colin Savage work outside the glare of publicity, putting low-income housing theory into practice. Dodd is a product of UCT under Ivor Prinsloo. In fact her Master's thesis was base on insider knowledge of the Prinsloo group's work at Rand Mines Properties at the beginning of the 1970s - not an uncritical work but a valuable case-study of theory and practice out of joint.

INNER CITIES: Hillbrow does bourgeois

Residents deserted the rest of Johannesburg for the country and coast this Christmas, but the streets and parks of Hillbrow and Berea were packed by Ian Fife. © Financial Mail

Property prices in Joburg city centre out of reach for the poor

The revival of Johannesburg’s inner city has seen an escalation in the value of property, making it more difficult for government and nonprofit organisations to provide much needed social housing for low-income earners by Chantelle Benjamin, Business Day. © Business Day

New Year’s Eve in South Africa...

Where would be a good place to spend New Year’s Eve in South Africa?

This question was posed on a forum on the Yahoo search engine a few weeks ago. One contributor suggested: “Try out Hillbrow in Johannesburg! You will catch all the action-stabbings, shootings, fridges and washing machines thrown out of windows and lots more…”